Trump / Putin Asian meeting: what could possibly go wrong?

Hats off to Brian Stelter CNN Sunday Nov 5, 2017 for encouraging Kellyanne Conway to talk & talk …

..argue, dispute, refute, counter, detract, What Aboutism (what about Hillary) shame the media / press, CNN in particular, for “being Anti-Trump”. A quote from the notorious propagandist J Goebbels “Accuse the other of that which you are doing.”

Spin. Repeat.

Stelter did a great job letting Kellyanne hang herself, dig her hole deeper, slipped the noose around her own neck – not to mix metaphors.


Daily Tweets

We don’t know if @clivebushjd is
American #altRIGHT
Russian #dezinformatsiya
Uzbekistani #trollfarm
Is he being paid?
By whom?

Trump ran for president because he wanted the power he thought came with the job, not the job that actually comes with the power @EzraKlien

He’s a Nixonian Republican. In his mind the executive power of the presidency is limitless, and by definition, whatever he does is legal. @FrostPegasus

GW, Cheney, Rumsfeld are #Nixon Republicans. Trump isn’t #GOP. Convenient usage of the Grand Old Party’s apparatus & they let him do it.

He’s been sued for slander, libel, blackmail, tax evasion, fraud, outstanding debts to vendors, employees BUT he uses LAWYERS as WEAPONS.

Sen #RandPaul not raking his leaves
59 yo neighbor had issues
a tackle?
#RandPaul called police
I’M HURT! He tackled me from behind!

#GetReal #RandPaul was NOT “attacked by anti-Trump hating Dem” as
“reported” on #altRIGHT “news” sites #Breitbart #FOX. Feud w/ neighbor.

This sounds like the who sew discord & cook up schemes as they dust over libertarians & rake up hooligans.

#antifa Grannies are at it again. Watch out #altRIGHT #trolls #TwitterTrills we’re comin’ for you. Well, at least #Mueller is. #RESIST #FBR