Kris Kobach, Voter Fraud Panel, Breitbart Racist

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(Read the interview excerpts below) At some point ya’ll gotta grow up, take responsibility for your own lives, stop blaming “THE OTHER” – liberals, lefties, snowflakes (which is an anti-Semitic #DogWhistle), Elites, Hollywood Celebs, antifa – we are not causing anarchy & violence.

If we were the whole world would be coming out against US #TheResistance instead of universally coming out against #NAZIS. And you!

Simple Dialectic:

You support Trump.
Trump supports Nazis.
You support Nazis.

That’s how it works.


“Regarding the governor’s race, Kansas is in some ways a microcosm of the national issues. We’re fighting, in my case, to repeal a massive tax increase that we had this past session, and we’re trying to stop sanctuary cities in Kansas,” Kobach replied.

He described this agenda as “similar to what President Trump is trying to do – reduce taxes and get rid of sanctuary cities.”

As for the Commission on Election Integrity, Kobach said the next meeting was scheduled for September.

“I think people should stay tuned because the commission is doing a lot of work to bring facts to bear on the issue and put them on the table, so the American people can see them,” he said.

Kobach said that in the September meeting, the commission would hear from “academic experts, other experts on the prevalence of different forms of voter fraud across the United