Jimmy Carter POTUS 39

Jimmy Carter shuns riches, lives modestly in his hometown, Plains, Georgia.

The 39th president of the United States lives modestly, a sharp contrast to his successors, who have left the White House to embrace power of another kind: wealth.

Even those who didn’t start out rich, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have made tens of millions of dollars on the private-sector opportunities that flow so easily to ex-presidents.

When Carter left the White House after one tumultuous term, trounced by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election, he returned to Plains, a speck of peanut and cotton farmland that to this day has a nearly 40 percent poverty rate.
The Democratic former president decided not to join corporate boards or give speeches for big money because, he says, he didn’t want to “capitalize financially on being in the White House.”

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss said that Gerald Ford, Carter’s predecessor and close friend, was the first to fully take advantage of those high-paid post-presidential opportunities, but that “Carter did the opposite.”
Since Ford, other former presidents, and sometimes their spouses, routinely earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it; I don’t blame other people for doing it,” Carter says over dinner. “It just never had been my ambition to be rich.”


Time to take your stand

We are that point in history when we each must decide who we are and what we value as Americans.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on Senate Floor Tuesday, February 6, 2018 responding to President Trump calling “Democrats Un-American and treasonous” at a speech at an Ohio factory February 5, 2018 for not applauding him during his first State of the Union Address January 29, 2018.

Despite what Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says, Americans are listening to Senator Flake.  The world listened today when Trump said, “We need a good government shutdown.” Our military heard General Kelly’s racist remarks amid orders to prepare a Grand Military Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue like North Korea, Russia to “show” how powerful we are. He envisions His Greatest Show On Earth.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

I am Woman. Hear me VOTE!

Please stop slut shaming us. America Rising BLUE
Please stop slut shaming us.

Guess who “swung” the #AlabamaSenateElection to “give” #DougJones the Senate seat? The new Value Voters – whopping 98% of black women voted AGAINST #RoyMoore. They VOTED for the BEST CANDIDATE.

I am Woman. Hear me VOTE!

It’s not pi.

#ImWithThem #RESIST #FBResist

Doug Jones wins the Alabama Senate Race against pedophile Evangelical Judge Roy Moore. America Rising BLUE
Doug Jones wins the Alabama Senate Race against pedophile Evangelical Judge Roy Moore. America Rising BLUE

In honor of my proud Father, Stanley Winchester Call, Marine Republican Mason Husband

In honor of my Republican Family

Senator Jeff Flake (AZ-R) pivoted history today as he eloquently & passionately reminded us of who we are  and what our Nation stands for. Flake echos what we have been discovering – that the Trump Administration presents a clear & present danger to our children, our morals, values, traditions. Our Nation. 

Millions of people around the globe are horrified that Trump and his ContCons (Contemporary Conservatives) continue to recklessly steer our ship of state into the rocks.

Another metaphor.  Germany 1937.

Please,  just listen to Senator Flake. He, Senator John McCain & Representative Bob Corker are warning us BECAUSE THEY LOVE OUR COUNTRY.  Don’t believe Breitbart News, Steve Bannon and his altRIGHT trills / trolls FOX News, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson et.al. ad nauseum.

America Rising BLUE - Signs of Fascism
America Rising BLUE – Signs of Fascism

My Dear Republican Family: An Open Letter

I know I’ve always been the “leftie, liberal Democrat, poly sci Berkeley grad” at our family dinner table.  [Can you imagine how boring dinnertime would have been all those years without me?] A lone dissenting voice made louder by the invigorating conversations / discussions  / arguments Dad & I enjoyed immensely. He’d go right as I went left, debating & defending the partisan issues of the day, ending up after desert agreeing to keep it for the next time.

These were the 1960’s. Vietnam War. No matter how heated the conversation / fight got it was a given that we both loved America.

Never did we disrespect or impugn the character of others. Never did we throw insults meant to confuse, malign.

Never did we debase our Constitutional discourse with fake news & conspiracy theories.

Never, in all the years of being a proud American & member of the Grand Old Party (Reagan Republican) would Dad have gone altRIGHT .

Never would he defend – in any way way, shape, form – anything Breitbart News, former Senior White House Advisor to President Trump, Steve Bannon (see below) spewed at the Orange County, California State GOP Convention October 20, 2017 where he was greeted like  a rock star 

This is our family’s HOME BASE. Not theirs. Please, their intent is to distract, deconstruct, destroy by turning the Great State of California against itself. Us against Them. Us against Whom?

I don’t quite know what my honorable, dignified father would have felt and thought if he had heard his fellow Republicans BOO Senator John McCain.

Or of Bannon’s remarks about President George W Bush, that he was a “piece of work” and an embarrassment to the party & himself? That he was the worst President in history?

But remember, this is the man who inspired his boss, President Donald Trump,  to get  thousands of Boy Scouts [Eagle Scouts, Scout leaders & parents] at their 4-year Jamboree to BOO President Obama this summer.

It is here I stop you all to, please, consider where you are going & whom you are following. This Tweet from Nov 2016 says it plainly and simply.

I pray my family heed my WARNING of the IMMINENT DANGER to OUR NATION.















Who would turn you against John McCain, President Bush?

Silly Steve Bannon Trivia

Steve Bannon takes credit for & others attribute to him coining the term and philosophy of the altRIGHT.

Steve is responsible for Trump ‘s pet names – Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Whacky Wilson, Little Rocket Man.

and now Liddle Jeff Flake. [ed: please listen to Senator Jeff Flake’s passionate speech on the Senate floor 10-24-17]

Steve HATES Mitch McConnell & believes he must be unseated in midterm Elections 2018.

Steve HATES Senator Bob Corker & states he should “immediately resign for the terrible things he said about The President.”

Steve Bannon is particularly good at identifying, targeting for wrath their “enemies”, all those against President Trump, all those responsible for their unhappiness. At the recent CA State GOP Convention, Bannon named these ENEMIES:

Silicon Valley Tech Lords
Democrats, Nancy Pelosi
Progressives, liberals, leftists
Sanctuary Cities
Global Elitists
Senator John McCain
President George W Bush
Establishment GOP
CA GOP Rep Pat Cook
UC Berkeley, leftist institutions
The Media
The Culture

Must be a record  

In a 2-hour period, Bannon was able to conjure up 12  supposed ENEMIES to BE against. To blame, point fingers at in his cultural war to deconstruct America. (His terms).

Germany 1937.

Think about that please, the future of our nation depends on it.

I mean that.

Bannon sought to reassure the embattled party activists that the GOP could take back the reins in a majority-minority state that is increasingly tacking to the left. “It looks like now, it’s impossible to do anything in California,’’ he said. “The media’s against you, the culture’s against you…[but] you have got everything you need to win...you’ve got big ideas, you have the grassroots, you’ve got muscle.” He urged conservatives to support Trump’s agenda,’’ adding “the future of this state is in your hands, I mean that.”


The Berlin Airlift

Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands were demolished by Hurricane Maria. Days after, power, fuel, communications, infrastructure, supplies are slowly making their way by ship to the millions of people living without electricity, running water, medicine, DIAPERS * (see below).
In 1948-1949 we mounted the Berlin Airlift. In 11 months over 300,000 flights were made, 3000 tons food, equipment dropped every day. A plane landed or took off every 30 seconds. 80 years ago, after the depletion of World War 2, we successfully broke the Soviet blockade. We recognized we had the humanitarian obligation to feed, shelter, care for the innocents.In 1948-1949 we mounted the Berlin Airlift. In 11 months over 300,000 flights were made, 3000 tons food, equipment dropped every day.  A plane landed or took off every 30 seconds. 80 years ago, after the depletion of World War 2, we successfully broke the Soviet blockade. We recognized we had the humanitarian obligation to feed, shelter, care for the innocents.
Why can’t we do that now for Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Dominica, CUBA? In 2017 our national discussion is “are football players who Take A Knee in protest are unAmerican, traitors to our flag & anthem.”
What the fuck did we fight for in all the wars, battles, invasions? Our lofty goal was to defend democracy, spread American freedom to a yearning world but now the USA is “America FIRST, FOREMOST, ONLY.”
BTW – Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands are American Territories. We should at least be helping “our people”.
* As the mother of twins I know infants can go through 5 – 10 diapers a day. Relief agencies, FEMA don’t supply diapers for some God-forsaken reason.
Ever see a Diaper Rash? A really bad Diaper Rash?  When their little bottoms are so raw, skin oozing blood, open sores, infected? The pain is excruciating.
Time spent too long in dirty diapers causes Diaper Rash. If there’s no running water it’s impossible to care for their wounds.

Jimmy Kimmel speaks as a Dad

“Senator John Cassidy started telling people that any plan he supports would have to pass what he called ‘the Jimmy Kimmel test.’ And then he teamed up with Senator Lindsey Graham to write a bill that most definitely does not pass that test.

It doesn’t protect people from having their rates jacked up for pre-existing conditions, doesn’t prevent insurance companies from putting lifetime caps on how much they’ll spend on a person with medical issues, and it cuts a huge amount of money, maybe hundreds of billions of dollars in health care funding.

And Americans understandably, especially, do not like the idea of being priced out of insurance for a pre-existing condition.”

Source:  realclearpolitics.com

Some of the groups opposing Obamacare repeal with inadequate replace:

Source: Cooper.House.gov

Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

National Physicians Alliance

National Partnership Women and Families:

National Disability Rights Network

American Public Health Association

America’s Hospitals and Health Systems

America’s Essential Hospitals

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

American Hospital Association & Federation of American Hospitals

American Medical Association


American Health Care Association (AHCA)

National Council of La Raza (NCLR)

National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare

National Center for Transgender Equality

Catholic Health Association of the United States

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

National Education Association

American Federation for Suicide Prevention

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

HIV Medicine Association

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights


Children’s Defense Fund

Families USA

Consumers Union

Sister Simone Campbell, NETWORK Advocates for Catholic Social Justice

Young Invincibles

Planned Parenthood: One in five women in America has relied on Planned Parenthood, and their health care shouldn’t get caught up in congressional Republicans’ extreme agenda. This proposal would deny millions of women access to cancer screenings, birth control, and STD testing and treatment.

Source: Cooper.House.gov