The Madness Continues

James (Jim) Comey, former Director of the FBI

Drumbeats getting louder from FOX, Breitbart and other altRIGHT altWankers “FIRE MUELLER”.

Here we go #TheRESISTANCE #ProtectMueller #MuellerInvestigation #MuellerTime #MUELLERLUJAH #MuellerIsComing #Russiagate #UnHackTheVOTE

Rep Jackie Speier #RumorOnTheHill #Trump to fire #Mueller Dec 22 #BloodyFriday after everyone leaves town. #TheRESISTANCE #RESIST #FBResist

Congressional Watch List – Republicans demanding Mueller be fired:

Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH-04) Elected 2006 House Judiciary Commission
Rep Francis Rooney (R-FL-19) elected 2016
Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL-01) elected 2016

FOX’s Judge Jeanine, who has a particular evil tone to her voice, lectures to her national audience “All of ’em need to be taken out in handcuffs”.

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Pope Francis is criticising “journalists” who dredge up old scandals & sensationalise the news

Even the Pope knows #MAGA #TrumpTrain #base #FoxandFriends #FOXTV #Breitbart are spewing propaganda. He is dedicating his May 2018 Summit to the Scourge of #FakeNews #dezinformatsiya. 18 countries report meddling in their elections. #Russiagate #FBResist #FBR #RESIST

FUN FACT. Donald Trump appointed Rod Rosenstein as his deputy Attorney General and was confirmed by the Senate April 25, 2017. Less than 8 months later, Trump calls his own appointment a “threat” to his presidency.

Another fact about #MuellerInvestigation the #altRIGHT #altWankers #GOP @GOP #HouseGOP #JimJordan @FrancisRooney #FrancisRooney #MattGaetz @mattgaetz state-run propaganda mouthpiece #FOX #SeanHannity #JudgeJeanine #Breitbart conveniently ignore. #TheResistanceVOTES #FBResist #FBR

#TonySchwartz is the ghost author #ArtoftheDeal. He spent more time w/ #realDonaldTrump than anyone outside the Family. He is WARNING US: #Trump is taking us step-by-step into a Police State. #IBelieveHim #TheRESISTANCE #RESIST #FBResist #NeedToImpeach #MAGA #TrumpTrain #FBR

Walter Schaub, former Trump Administration Ethics Director (who resigned in disgust and is now an active member of The RESISTANCE) said he’s getting long underwear, hats, boots, gloves ready to TAKE to the STREETS.

The endgame is to “Deconstruct the Administrative State” per Steve Bannon’s Leninist philosophy meaning destroy, loot everything while the going’s good.

Best get a box of Kleenex before watching this video “The Obamas & Children – You Can’t Fake That”.

Now this is a true gentleman, husband, father, role-model, statesman, leader, President.

Dear Santa – All I want for Christmas is

#HeatherHeyer will always be the symbol of #TheRESISTANCE. Just as The Freedom Marchers, Selma Bus Boycotters, Dr Martin Luther King Jr “I Have a Dream”, we dedicate ourselves to fighting “them” in her name. #TheResistanceVOTES #ResistanceUnited #ResistTrump #Resist #FBResist

Heather Heyer will always be remembered. America Rising BLUE
Heather Heyer will always be remembered. America Rising BLUE

#Arizona #ArizonaDNC @TheSunDevils @Arizona_Strong @ArizonaCoyotes @AZCardinals @abc15 @APlayersProgram @ArizonaDOT @HillaryforAZ @SheaHomesAZ @GilbertYourTown @azgfd @TucsonStar @FOXSPORTSAZ @prideofarizona @ArizonaMGolf @ArizonaMTennis @ArizonaWGolf @ArizonaWBB #TheRESISTANCE

Words Trump has banned from the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Words #Trump has banned from the United States Government:
Ethics @RWPUSA @waltshaub
#TheRESISTANCE #ResistTrump #ResistanceUnited #Resistance #RESIST #UniteBLUE #UnitedAgainstCorruption #FBR #FBResist

The Daily Stormer’s Style Guide

A leaked style guide reveals they’re Nazis about grammar (and Jews, Fems, Fags, etc).

“In September 2017, Vox Day, a Gamergate holdover who has assumed the position of racist alt-right figurehead, published a handful of brief excerpts from what he described as the “Andrew Anglin” style guide. For the blissfully unaware, Anglin is a neo-Nazi troll and propagandist who runs The Daily Stormer, one of the more prominent sites of the white supremacist web. The passages selected by Vox Day in his blog post suggested that Anglin is persnickety about detail and presentation ― except on the subject of the Jews, who are to be blamed “for everything.”

HuffPost has acquired the 17-page document in its entirety, as well as transcripts from an IRC channel where the document was shared in an effort to recruit new writers. It’s more than a style guide for writing internet-friendly neo-Nazi prose; it’s a playbook for the alt-right.

The style guide, according to Vox Day, was a set of directives for whoever might be writing under Anglin’s name, the idea being that Anglin’s army of ghostwriters need to maintain some sense of consistent style. But the guide appears to be for all of the site’s writers, many of whom write under their own names (or at least their own pseudonyms).

Last Friday, in an IRC channel, Andrew Auernheimer, a white supremacist hacker and Daily Stormer system administrator also known as Weev, began explaining to a group of people how one might start writing for The Daily Stormer:

okay basically, it works like this, you can write articles, if we dont like them you can put them on your own blog or whatever, if we accept them for publication we will pay you $14.88

“Fourteen,” of course, alludes to the 14 words in the old David Lane slogan, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The double eights refer to the eighth letter of the alphabet (“HH” or “Heil Hitler”). The number 1488 is a common shibboleth among white supremacists. We’re sure they find this extremely clever.

When one person asked if the site had any paid positions open, Weev dropped in a link and wrote, “theres style guide read the site for a couple weeks, get a hang of the style and editorial tone [sic]” followed immediately by “learn the style guide.”

Like any such guide, this one contains plenty of discussion about the more mundane aspects of blog hygiene — grammar, formatting, quirks of house style. “‘Muslim’ should be spelled ‘Moslem,’” it notes at one point.

Who would turn you against John McCain?

Why did General Kelly Lie to Us? lorida Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Sgt LaDavid Johnson, America Rising BLUE

Silly Steve Bannon Trivia

Steve Bannon takes credit for & others attribute to him coining the term and philosophy of the altRIGHT.

Steve is responsible for Trump ‘s pet names – Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Whacky Wilson, Little Rocket Man.

and now Liddle Jeff Flake. [ed: please listen to Senator Jeff Flake’s passionate speech on the Senate floor 10-24-17]

Steve HATES Mitch McConnell & believes he must be unseated in midterm Elections 2018.

Steve HATES Senator Bob Corker & states he should “immediately resign for the terrible things he said about The President.”

Steve Bannon is particularly good at identifying, targeting for wrath their “enemies”, all those against President Trump, all those responsible for their unhappiness. At the recent CA State GOP Convention, Bannon named these ENEMIES:

Silicon Valley Tech Lords
Democrats, Nancy Pelosi
Progressives, liberals, leftists
Sanctuary Cities
Global Elitists
Senator John McCain
President George W Bush
Establishment GOP
CA GOP Rep Pat Cook
UC Berkeley, leftist institutions
The Media
The Culture

Must be a record  

In a 2-hour period, Bannon was able to conjure up 12  supposed ENEMIES to BE against. To blame, point fingers at in his cultural war to deconstruct America (his terms).


Germany 1937.

Think about that please.  The future of our nation, neigh the planet, depends on it.

I mean that.

Bannon sought to reassure the embattled party activists that the GOP could take back the reins in a majority-minority state that is increasingly tacking to the left. “It looks like now, it’s impossible to do anything in California,’’ he said. “The media’s against you, the culture’s against you…[but] you have got everything you need to’ve got big ideas, you have the grassroots, you’ve got muscle.” He urged conservatives to support Trump’s agenda,’’ adding “the future of this state is in your hands, I mean that.”


Troll Hunter

America Rising BLUE Richard Painter has been a steadfast critic of the Trump presidency and he pulls no punches in this tweet about our racist president.  Fact is, he’s absolutely right.  If you’re a neo-Nazi, you get a break from the wrath of Donald Trump tweets.  If you live in Puerto Rico, you are criticized incessantly and left to perish after a horrific natural disaster. If you’re Mexican, you’re attacked. If you’re Muslim, you’re attacked. If you’re a neo-Nazi, silence.  Trump is a disgrace and stain on our nation.

Trump, Nazis & the Russians

Research @

I had the great opportunity this evening to listen to Rabbi FR who was terrorized by neos when her family moved to a western state.  Thank you Rabbi for sharing your experiences with humor, insight and gratitude for those who stand up against HATE. Any time you need me I’m here.

Never Forget. Never Again.

America Rising BLUE

Kid Rock Takes a Knee

We can put this #FakeNews story to bed.

#TakeAKnee is not about “disrespecting” the American flag or our military or our country as Trump claims. Black football players taking a knee during the national anthem – exercising their 1st Amendment right to peaceful protest – is NOT even close to what Trump’s buddy Kid Rock does to the American Flag during his rock concerts.

Next time anyone says Black Athletes don’t have the right to disrespect our flag show them these two photos.

Kid Rock is running for Senate even though he disrespects the American flag by tearing a hole in it & wearing it onstage during rock concert.

Kid Rock for Senator.

#ChefsforPuertoRico #RickyMartin #RosiePerez

Fake Nazi News

Letter to the Editor, Spokesman Review

David Wordinger’s letter “Evenhanded condemnation” recites the alternative facts about the Charlottesville Rally provided on and altRIGHT social media.

altFACTS are the bedrock of “Fake News”. Whenever they are encountered, we must refute them in detail and in print so that history can be written accurately and truthfully.

Permit to rally – Unite the Right did not have a permit for their Torchlight March the night before.  People who witnessed it use words like horrified, terrorized, terrified, humiliated, devastated to describe their emotions watching the hundreds of self-avowed nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, and numerous other white supremacist groups from around the nation parade through their streets.

Chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and Soil” they trooped past a small synagogue, spitting, jeering , imitating cutting someones’s throat.

The 1st Amendment does not protect speech that calls for the violent removal and/or elimination of Jews, Blacks,  Latinos, Gays, Trans, Muslims, Mentally Ill, Disabled, Gypsies, Political Opponents, and of course Dreamers.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

On Saturday when they did have a permit to rally they came armed to the teeth. Charlottesville  police say they were outgunned by the extremely well-organized right wing militias who took full advantage of Virginia’s Open Carry law. (see photos)

On the other side were the so-called counter protesters which (according to Wordinger) included

..”antifa, Black Lives Matter, Redneck Revolt (?) and other agitators who have stifled speech and disrupted Trump rallies, college presentations and other peaceful events.”

This sentence can be found almost word-for-word on & Alex Jones ‘InfoWars’ TV show it’s loaded with altFACTS.

I’ll break it down.

antifa – antifascists written in lower case because they do not organize. They are not a gang or association or club or playgroup.  American antifa from different from European antifa. (my blog post about antifa protesters at G20 Summit  to come)

Black Lives Matter – grassroot organizations formed by political and community activists, and students, churches, schools in response to a spate of high-profile police shootings. In Ferguson, MO, protests against police sparked a rolling riot




altRIGHT militias march in formation through the streets of Charlottesville to the Unite the White Rally, August 12, 2018
altRIGHT militias march in formation through the streets of Charlottesville to the Unite the White Rally, August 12, 2018


STOP: Trump Rally Phoenix 8-22-17


#potus45 determined to bring his anger against Senator John McCain & Rep Jeff Flake by holding campaign-style pep rally in Phoenix Arizona Convention Center Tuesday Aug 22, 2017. Wed Aug 16, 2017

Mayor of Phoenix issued statement expressing disappointment Trump is attempting to further inflame emotions & tensions.

Trump Train Campaign Rally Phoenix AZ CANCELLED - Trump not wanted.
Trump Train Campaign Rally Phoenix AZ CANCELLED – Trump not wanted.

This is truly sick.

potus45 is going to Phoenix to hold a campaign-style BASE LOVE FEST like the olden days. He relishes the adulation.  Amidst the frenzy he imagines himself giving a speech greater than the Gettysburg Address.

He chose Phoenix because it’s home to Rep Jeff Flake & Sen John McCain, both Republicans Trump believes have betrayed him. Rep Flake wrote an explosive book that cast Trump in unflattering light.  Sen McCain famously thumbed-down the infamous TrumpCare bill that would have repealed ObamaCare & replaced it (as they have long promised) with a BILL SO BAD they PROMISED IT WOULD NEVER GO INTO LAW.

Trump bitterly excoriated Sen McCain, Naval Hero, POW during VietNam War as a traitor to the Party and to him personally.

Trump is going to Phoenix to bask in the glory of his adoring fans IN FRONT OF McCain & Flake – just to let them know he can come onto their home territory & have his way. Destroy Flake by endorsing, supporting, campaigning for his opponent. (aside: how strange in politics when the Rep president campaigns against a Rep Congressman).

Twitter, FaceBook, Social Media Campaign

@SenJohnMcCain @JeffFlake @Suns @PhoenixArizona @APlayersProgram @FOXSPORTSAZ @Dbacks @UofA

@AZ_CocktailWeek @arizonapbs @arizonapta @ArizonaAFLCIO @ArizonaWSoccer @ArizonaRattlers @ArizonaGolf @PhoenixSymphony @phoenixpolice #RT

@PhoenixPrideAZ  @UofA @AZCardinals @AZDemParty @ArizonaDerby @AZStarSports #rt

@PhoenixParks  @PhoenixSportsM @PhoenixVoluntrs

Phoenix TrumpTrain Campaign Rally Cancelled



consuming the .

What are they gonna do when it all comes crashing down? Blame take up arms against ? secede?

is a scourge.

Never Forget. Never Again. We are #TheResistance
We have a #Nazi in the #WhiteHouse.
We have a #Nazi in the #WhiteHouse.