Concealed Carry Reciprocity

It is impossible to discuss anything without first defining and agreeing on common terms. We are not talking about gun-control. We are examining whether we want to live with weapons of war in our civilian society. Our children are telling us that we have failed to keep them safe in their schools, churches, theaters, parks. roads. Indeed, our most vulnerable, our young, fear they may be shot and killed anywhere, anytime in America.

We’re not talking about infringing lawful 2nd Amendment rights or threatening to “take all your guns.” We are searching our souls as a nation for answers. Do we really value our young? Why do we have assault weapons designed for war in our civilian society? Is it realistic to depend on social service systems and civilian police forces to adequately respond to enemy attacks? Are we at war in the homeland? Who are we at war with? Who is the enemy? Us?

While adults and lawmakers again are bogged down by infighting, the next generation is taking over. If we can’t provide the answers, they will. Best for us to get out of the way. I know I work for them now.

We are a group of concerned citizens – parents, educators, lawmakers – working to make Spokane schools safe from gun violence. While the conversation swirls around “gun control” we are focused on the issue of military-grade assault weapons, meant for war, in our civilian society and the impact they have on our children’s lives. Our goal is to provide support, encouragement and assistance to students with evidence-based resources such as on the Sandy Hook Promise program.