Constitutional crisis, martial law, civil war?

Open letter to my older brother:

Dear Stan – since we haven’t spoken since the 2016 election, it was interesting talking with you last night.  Our conversation was awkward & stilted after you praised President Trump & lambasted the Democrats in the same sentence. You know darn well I’m the only Democrat in the family so I’m not sure what you were seeking to accomplish by demonizing “people like me”.

To be honest, I was shocked you were spewing FOX News, Breitbart, Russian talking points. “Trump, GOP good. Obama, Hillary, DNC evil.” Did you notice this was the first time in my life I didn’t rise to the bait? I literally changed the subject to the weather, the grandkids, chatty news.  And I kept it short & sweet so that neither of us could say something that would permanently separate us.

Let me use these metaphors:

1850’s – I just learned my brother is an enthusiastic slave owner.

1930″s – my brother voted for, endorses, condones, approves, admires Hitler’s government.

I’m not being hyperbolic or dramatic. The Trump regime did conspire with Putin during the elections. Russia is still influencing our politics, spreading dezinformatsiya “disinformation” in order to destabilize our democracy with the active aid & assistance of the President of the United States.