GOP release Massive Tax Reform – AKA Looting the United States Treasury

It was all smiles & good ol’ boy energy pouring out of the private Congressional conference room this morning as the GOP finally released the “contours” of their promised tax reform bill. Still elusive are the actual details of the plan, the CBO scoring & other financial analyses, expert testimonies, markups, hearings, etc.  Since President Trump has ordered the GOP majorities in the House & Senate to ram through the legislation & on the President’s desk for his public signing by the end of the year.

Kathy McMorris Rogers, who represents my WA district, stood shoulder to shoulder in promising the typical middle class family will get an extra $1182 a year in tax relief. ** 3 pairs of shoes, orthodontic pmt & one trip to CostCo.


brakes, tires, oil change.

Kristi Noem (SD-R) also insists that it is fair & just to repeal the “Death Tax” because it is a “tax on a tax”. **No mention is made that the Estate Tax kicks in only with estates worth more than $5 million.

Peter Roskam (IL-R) waxed on about the longing people feel for this great opportunity of a lifetime. **to transfer trillions of $  from the American people into the pockets of dictators, Russian oligarchs, corrupt bureaucrats, politicians and, of course,  Trump International Incorporated and Billionaire Cabinet, friends, partners, etc. **blackmailers, tea party & altRIGHT.

Repeal of the Adjusted Minimum Tax (AMT) is a gift for high-income earners. True Tax Reform would have set the dollar amount higher e.g. from $100K to $150K. **The GOP & ContCons (Contemporary Conservatives) are Looting the Treasury by completely wiping out this adjustment factor. Once it’s gone we cannot get it back

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