How to play with the BOMB & LOSE

United Nations General Assembly, NYC 9 -19-17

President Trump signed Korea, Japan, Guam & the United States of America’s Death Warrant.  Indeed, one can argue Trump’s provocative speech as the Leader of the Free World portends catastrophic apocalypse or apocalyptic catastrophe, either one.

In his now infamous performance at the General Assembly of the United Nations he said “all diplomatic efforts to stop Kim Jung-un & HIS REGIME have been exhausted.  If Rocket Man keeps threatening the world  The United States is ready to “totally destroy North Korea”. (dcb note:  line well delivered, dramatic pauses, lowered voice on words “North  Korea”)

Kill millions of people because the time for talk  over?  Trump Admin, Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State have decimated the State Department. According to the LATimes, “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has embraced a White House proposal to slash the combined State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budget by nearly a third next year, from $54.9 billion to $37.6 billion.”

Most shocking: Trump has not yet appointed an Ambassador to the Korean Peninsula.  Some with an understanding of Kim Jung-un’s paranoia about American aggression speculate he may regard this as proof the US is planning an invasion.

Bitter irony is UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s claim “all diplomacy has been exhausted” 9 mos into the job – none of them have done before – and they’re all ready to go CODE RED on North Korea.

Have they seen photos of North Korea’s standing military, conventional weapons and – oh yeah – nuclear & hydrogen bombs?

Looks like the time for everything is over.