N Monroe St Project, Spokane: sarcasm & snarky comments

Fascinating thread. I learned so much about the N Monroe Street Project that I didn’t know before. The sarcasm, snarky personal comments illustrate the inability or unwillingness to argue, debate an issue based on facts. Very clear if one disagrees with the project, proponents will shame that business or person online (see “CyberWarFare: Shaming, Smearing & Other Online Propaganda Tactics”).

Before we talk anymore about this I’d like to see the completed plan i.e. where do the reduced lanes begin & end? What are the architectural changes to existing buildings? What are the anticipated police, fire, snow removal & other emergency services response times with 2 lanes instead of 4?

How does STA plan to reroute #24 & move bus stops/ shelters thru the neighborhood? How does this project accommodate school buses? What is the comprehensive plan to assist businesses on the street & their customers during construction?

What is the long-term plan for this project? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years down the road? What is the agreement for upkeep, care & repair of new features like trees, benches? Who empties the extra garbage cans? Who pays for the extra garbage? Who gets the parking meter $$ from the extra cars & people stopping to eat & shop?

Are there provisions in the project that will compensate businesses & homeowners if something happens & the sub-contractors & sub-sub-contractors are unable to complete the project on time or as promised? Where is the $$ coming from to do this project? Who will benefit financially from this project?

What are the details of this govt grant? Who will be doing the design, construction? Have contractors already been chosen? Why are certain folks so very active in promoting this project?

Who started this project & why?