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Indeed Sir, your comments are rude & disgraceful to a former #FLOTUS & United States Secretary of State. Mrs Clinton is a private citizen now. It’s against @Twitter policy to target & harass a PRIVATE CITIZEN. #Election2016 is OVER #SillySillyCocoPuffs #FBR

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Also living in legal rec state
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Are you writing the book “Trump Tells Treason”?

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N Monroe St Project, Spokane: sarcasm & snarky comments

Fascinating thread. I learned so much about the N Monroe Street Project that I didn’t know before. The sarcasm, snarky personal comments illustrate the inability or unwillingness to argue, debate an issue based on facts. Very clear if one disagrees with the project, proponents will shame that business or person online (see “CyberWarFare: Shaming, Smearing & Other Online Propaganda Tactics”).

Before we talk anymore about this I’d like to see the completed plan i.e. where do the reduced lanes begin & end? What are the architectural changes to existing buildings? What are the anticipated police, fire, snow removal & other emergency services response times with 2 lanes instead of 4?

How does STA plan to reroute #24 & move bus stops/ shelters thru the neighborhood? How does this project accommodate school buses? What is the comprehensive plan to assist businesses on the street & their customers during construction?

What is the long-term plan for this project? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years down the road? What is the agreement for upkeep, care & repair of new features like trees, benches? Who empties the extra garbage cans? Who pays for the extra garbage? Who gets the parking meter $$ from the extra cars & people stopping to eat & shop?

Are there provisions in the project that will compensate businesses & homeowners if something happens & the sub-contractors & sub-sub-contractors are unable to complete the project on time or as promised? Where is the $$ coming from to do this project? Who will benefit financially from this project?

What are the details of this govt grant? Who will be doing the design, construction? Have contractors already been chosen? Why are certain folks so very active in promoting this project?

Who started this project & why?

Int Association of FireFighters / IAFF Local 29 / Spokane County, WA elections 2017

As we head into another election tomorrow, information is surfacing about Citizens for an Honest Government PAC and the political mailer sent out by it’s offspring Spokane for an Honest Government PAC to Spokane voters on Oct 24, 2017.

Nov 7, 2017 ARB: Response to Gary Crooks, Opinion Editor, Spokesman-Review (see below)

Couple more points to address from your email:

“If [IAFF L-29] wants to write a piece on the larger issue of PACs, his involvement and why it’s a good thing, that would be great. A piece on the good works of firefighters, which makes them too busy to understand politics, would  beg the question: “Then why get involved?“

CITIZEN’S UNITED US Supreme Court decision is the reason unions, nonprofits, organizations, associations like Salvation Army, Red Cross etc must get involved in politics. Readers can Google this for lots of unbiased information.

1,  The Spokane Firefighters created at least three PACs solely to discredit a citizen, Matthew Howes, running for City Council.

If this is incorrect, we will correct it. An article noted that money came from various sources. Perhaps that’s what the writer meant.

That’s not what the writer said. How do you know what the writer meant?

Since we can only rely on the written word how do we know the writer meant something else instead of what he actually said? You didn’t add any clarifying comments like “ED note: this writer’s opinion may or may not mean what their words say.”

Is everything we see, hear, read up to interpretation? I cannot see how “money from various sources” (has this been verified?) is the same as “The Spokane Firefighters created at least three PACs solely to discredit a citizen, Matthew Howes, running for City Council.”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Darlene Brice

Nov 7, 2017

Thank you for your quick response. My interest in this is opposition research and love of my hometown. As I said, I’m trying to understand – regardless of everything – why did the Spokesman Review choose to publish these two particular letters the day before the election?

My point is not that the same terminology about Spokane’s elections are on Russian message boards but the same sentiments are being expressed in local chat rooms, Next Door Spokane, etc. Determining where information is coming from has become so complicated we have software to run text, HTML through to match content on specific longtail keywords w/ altRIGHT news sites like Brietbart & InfoWars.

My point is nobody knows what’s really going on anymore. Nobody knows who people really are. What is Fake News and what is truth? In research, we look at the end result and work backwards. Who benefited from that mailer and from the publication of those two letters in the local newspaper the day before the election.? Who was hurt by both?

We are on the same side. I’ve worked for newspapers and publishing my whole career. One of my twin daughters is a journalist / editor with Bloomberg News. I appreciate your insight and assistance so we can sort out these types of blackhat political tactics from our United States electoral process. Please look at what’s happening in the Virginia governor’s race.

I will post your email on IAFF Local 29 FaceBook page and here

I am arranging a 10 minute interview between the Spokesman Editorial Board and the IAFF Local 29 at the altLENS CMTV studio, 3rd & Browne, to clarify this issue for the public. I know you are busy so please, at your convenience, let me know when you are available.

Thank you.
Darlene Brice

Nov 7, 2017 Response from Gary Crooks, Opinion Editor, The Spokesman-Review to ARB letter (see below).

Just now seeing this. What is your interest in this?

If Mr. Marler wishes to write something about this issue, it would need to be soon. Christmas is too far off. Better to do this while the issue is fresh in minds. He can contact me if he wishes to do so. I am off next week. If he wants to contest a couple of letters, that would be a letter to the editor or we’d run a correction.

If he wants to write a piece on the larger issue of PACs, his involvement and why it’s a good thing, that would be great. A piece on the good works of firefighters, which makes them too busy to understand politics, would  beg the question: “Then why get involved?“

Be advised that more letters would probably follow, and I would run those, too. But the issue would is the PAC and not that firefighters have important jobs. Nobody disputes that.

The letters, I’d assume, are based on the articles and columns written in response to the Howes mailer. If that had happened sooner, the letters would’ve run sooner. Out cutoff is always the Sunday before an election for letters in print.  Weekend letters are posted on Mondays. We contact each writer to make sure they wrote their letters. So it wasn’t Russians or message boards. And I certainly don’t have the time to monitor all of that. If we need to run a correction because something is factually inaccurate, we will do that.

1,  The Spokane Firefighters created at least three PACs solely to discredit a citizen, Matthew Howes, running for City Council.

If this is incorrect, we will correct it. An article noted that money came from various sources. Perhaps that’s what the writer meant.

2 Do [Union members] know that part of their dues is being used for character assassination?

This is a rhetorical question conveying the writer’s opinion. Will correct as needed.

3) The Firefighters Union & the Democrat Councilwoman Candace Mumm, if elected, should be forced to recuse herself from any discussion or voting associated with the Fire Department.

This is the writer’s opinion.

Mr. Marler can contact me if he wishes to proceed.

Opinion Editor Gary Crooks, The Spokesman-Review

Nov 6, 2017
Lead Researcher, America Rising BLUE

Dear Letters to the Editor, Spokesman Review,

I am struggling to understand why you published two letters with inflammatory but unsubstantiated claims about the Firefighter’s Union & the mailer sent on their behalf to Spokane County voters Oct 24, 2017. As the lead researcher for the opposition research firm America Rising BLUE, I am noticing the same scenario playing out in the Virginia Gubernatorial election. The “Latino Victory Fund” produced/ released a video of a child’s “nightmare” that was obviously intended to anger everyone.

Offensive material is offensive no matter where it falls on the political spectrum. My question: when does offensive material become propaganda meant to influence the outcome of a our elections in ways we can’t readily see? When do Opinion letters become little soldiers amplifying the same talking points to destroy the “other” candidate?

I have seen this same terminology used on Spokane affairs’ chat boards and feeds. I would like to request please the sources for the accusations in Larry Medin’s letter “Mumm should return money” published the day before the election Nov 6, 2017.

1) The Spokane Firefighters created at least three PACs solely to discredit a citizen, Matthew Howes, running for City Council.

2) Do [Union members] know that part of their dues is being used for character assassination?

3) The Firefighters Union & the Democrat Councilwoman Candace Mumm, if elected, should be forced to recuse herself from any discussion or voting associated with the Fire Department.

As researchers into Fake News, or Soft Power, Dezinformatsiya campaigns the Russians were able to plant into our politics & culture, we are finding the same political tactics, strategies used by the same operatives from Election 2016, like Mike Cernovich of Pizzagate fame.

It is precisely this reason that I question the intent of the letters published this morning, again the day before the election. This now has become the main issue. Why would the only newspaper in town publish inflammatory opinions with accusations almost too bizarre to believe.

“The Spokane Firefighters created at least three PACs solely to discredit a citizen, Matthew Howes, running for City Council.”

Does the Spokesman Review Opinion Editorial Board believe this is true?

Something has gone terribly wrong and we need to find out what happened and why. Any information you can share about Citizens for Honest Government, Spokane for Honest Government PAC, Spokane GOP & DNC parties & involved Council members is greatly appreciated.

After speaking with Randy Marler, President of IAFF L-29, I suggested a “My Turn” piece in the Spokesman after the election to explain their side. I believe it’s important to remind everyone that FireFighters are not experts at politics. They proudly care about fighting fires and saving lives. My mother’s house fire. Your neighbor’s medical emergency. Fires, car accidents, chemical spills off the trains that go right through the heart of our downtown aren’t Republican or Democrat tragedies.

These are all our tragedies.

Do we really want to smear FireFighters by shaming the FireFighters Union without knowing the facts?

The Letters to the Editor I reference are simply not truthful.

I’m sure you agree IAFF L-29 FireFighters are far too busy serving the public, risking their lives for us to spend their time purposefully setting up three Political Action Committees (PACs) solely to ruin one candidate in one election for Spokane City Council.

I look forward to discussing this issue with you further. We hope to publish the “My Turn” piece toward Thanksgiving or Christmas. The less time between the election tomorrow and rectifying the record the better. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Darlene Brice
Lead Researcher

Trump Hubris & North Korea

Reason, judgment, dignity, honor, honesty, knowledge & qualifications should define a president.

“A high level of moral condemnation already precedes the prospect of military action [in North Korea]. That’s a good thing, because the symbol of American power these days is a real estate developer known for golf courses, casinos and a Moscow beauty pageant; he’s a gambler with other people’s money who exhibits poor personal judgment.

Ours is more than a moment of sharp division; it is an era of such previously unimaginable perversion and distortion of the framers’ intentions that it requires spiritual rescue as much as political rescue. There is a germ of hope in the slender majority in this country, and a much larger majority among our allies, who are clear-headed and devoted in all respects to the health of the planet and its sentient beings.

A certain percentage of the trusting who thought they’d voted for that amorphous political good called “change” are slowly giving up on Trump and his gang of pain-inducers. Some will keep pretending, hubristically, that power is right where it belongs, while many others realize (in an increasingly visceral way) what the United States must overcome in order to be restored to a minimal level of moral competence as a player on the world stage. “

Source: excerpt 

Trump / Putin Asian meeting: what could possibly go wrong?

Hats off to Brian Stelter CNN Sunday Nov 5, 2017 for encouraging Kellyanne Conway to talk & talk …

..argue, dispute, refute, counter, detract, What Aboutism (what about Hillary) shame the media / press, CNN in particular, for “being Anti-Trump”. A quote from the notorious propagandist J Goebbels “Accuse the other of that which you are doing.”

Spin. Repeat.

Stelter did a great job letting Kellyanne hang herself, dig her hole deeper, slipped the noose around her own neck – not to mix metaphors.


Daily Tweets

We don’t know if @clivebushjd is
American #altRIGHT
Russian #dezinformatsiya
Uzbekistani #trollfarm
Is he being paid?
By whom?

Trump ran for president because he wanted the power he thought came with the job, not the job that actually comes with the power @EzraKlien

He’s a Nixonian Republican. In his mind the executive power of the presidency is limitless, and by definition, whatever he does is legal. @FrostPegasus

GW, Cheney, Rumsfeld are #Nixon Republicans. Trump isn’t #GOP. Convenient usage of the Grand Old Party’s apparatus & they let him do it.

He’s been sued for slander, libel, blackmail, tax evasion, fraud, outstanding debts to vendors, employees BUT he uses LAWYERS as WEAPONS.

Sen #RandPaul not raking his leaves
59 yo neighbor had issues
a tackle?
#RandPaul called police
I’M HURT! He tackled me from behind!

#GetReal #RandPaul was NOT “attacked by anti-Trump hating Dem” as
“reported” on #altRIGHT “news” sites #Breitbart #FOX. Feud w/ neighbor.

This sounds like the who sew discord & cook up schemes as they dust over libertarians & rake up hooligans.

#antifa Grannies are at it again. Watch out #altRIGHT #trolls #TwitterTrills we’re comin’ for you. Well, at least #Mueller is. #RESIST #FBR

The RESISTANCE Video BRILLIANTLY produced by @1oneclone / Deutschland

Video BRILLIANTLY produced by @1oneclone / Deutschland.

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Virginia Gubernatorial Race 

Bots stoke racial strife in Virginia governor’s race

Latino Victory Fund retracted a controversial ad. But the reaction has been amplified on Twitter by automated accounts. By 

Twitter bots are swarming into the Virginia governor’s race and promoting chatter about a racially charged Democratic ad days before Election Day, according to a report commissioned by allies of Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam’s campaign.

The activity centers on an ad from Latino Victory Fund, depicting a child’s nightmare in which a supporter of Republican Ed Gillespie chases immigrant children in a pickup truck bearing a Confederate flag. Gillespie’s campaign reacted furiously to the ad, which barely ran on TV but got major attention online, and has made backlash to the Democratic ad a major part of its closing message.

That backlash erupted quickly, and Latino Victory Fund later retracted the ad. But the reaction has been amplified on Twitter by automated accounts. Out of the 15 accounts tweeting most frequently about the Latino Victory Fund ad, 13 belong to fully or partially automated bots, according to an analysis from Discourse Intelligence. (The other two accounts are Republican political operatives.)

“Highly scripted, highly robotic accounts are being used to boost this message into the Twitter conversation,” said Tim Chambers, the report’s author and the U.S. practice lead for digital at the Dewey Square Group. The firm was retained by the National Education Association, whose Virginia affiliate has endorsed Northam.

Of the 15 accounts most frequently sending out messages about the ad from Latino Victory Fund, just two accounts belonging to GOP operatives were human, while 13 belonged to either fully or partially automated bots, according to the report from Discourse Intelligence. The National Education Association, whose Virginia affiliate backs Northam, paid for the report.

“What we saw during the 2016 presidential campaign was a consistent and coordinated effort by trolls and bots to ‘flood the zone’ to manipulate the conversation on social media,” Warner spokesman Kevin Hall said.

“Twitter’s anonymity, reach and speed make it the perfect platform for spreading fake information and hyper partisan content.”

Chambers also said more than 400 suspicious accounts have followed Northam’s campaign Twitter account in recent days, with many of them tweeting mostly in Turkish or eastern European languages.

“NEA has followed the race very closely and has commissioned research reports on a variety of topics, including the role of social media in amplifying messages about issues in the election,” the union said. “One of those reports disclosed significant information about the use of automated bots to create an echo chamber of anti-public education and anti-social justice attacks.”

Source: 11/3/17

antifa Rising / Big Beautiful Tax Cuts 

The GOP rolled out Trump’s “2018 Middle Class Tax Reform” package this week but their  definition of “reform” is not in keeping with the real meaning of the word.

REFORM – to make changes in something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice in order to improve it.

Analyses by the left, right & down the middle have all arrived at the same conclusion. This historic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the entire United States Tax Code is not for the better. Helping working families & small businesses, the bedrock of our nation, has never been the goal. Just like their efforts to repeal & replace Obamacare was never about our national health care.

Fortunately for us, the details of the proposed legislation are such obvious attempts to loot our national treasure we are not confused.

If a savings of $1082 is correct, it translates to $20.80 a week for a “family of four” which is only $5.20 per person.

But Sec Treasury #Mnuchin told us we could
buy a new car
renovate our kitchen
take the family on vacay
save it for college tuition

Our ‘hood
Armenian restaurant
#Marijuana Shop
Vietnamese grocer
Christian Kitchen
Syrian Orthodox church
The Mozy On In bar
Tattoo parlor

#antifa Uprising

#altRIGHT smartie-pants #InfoWars #trolls @JacobAWohl #milo @cernovich @BreitbartNews @JudgeJeanine R Silly Silly #CocoPuffs #RESIST #FBR

exactomundo. Did not take #SherlockHolmes
– #Google it if my reference misses ya’ll –
for us to figure out you
R #SillySillyCocoPuffs

I sized this Hitler #quote #meme from @hoosercharles58 to fit w/ others in my collection. Thank you.Can’t get enough evidence. #RESIST #FBR

REPORT to @TWITTER every time #Trump calls #HRC this demeaning name. No one can HARASS a PRIVATE CITIZEN on #TWITTER. HE MUST STOP! #FBR


"You may have destroyed our home but not our family spirit. Peace." Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands after Hurricane s Irma & Maria Sep 2017. America Rising BLUE

by Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!” & Denis Moynihan, author/researcher.

President Donald Trump lavished praise on himself when commenting on the federal response to the disaster that has overwhelmed Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. “I would give myself a 10,” he said on Oct. 19. “I think we’ve done a really great job,” he added, as Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello sat silently by his side in the Oval Office.

This was just two weeks after Trump’s visit to the island, where he lobbed rolls of paper towels at hurricane survivors. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, appearing on the “Democracy Now!” news hour, responded, “If it’s a 10 out of 100, I agree, because it’s still a failing grade.”

Like the mayor, few think Trump has responded effectively. “We can’t fail to note the dissimilar urgency and priority given to the emergency response in Puerto Rico, compared to the U.S. states affected by hurricanes in recent months,” Leilani Farha, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to housing, said, comparing post-hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida in a damning report issued on Monday by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“Democracy Now!” traveled to Puerto Rico last weekend to see the devastation firsthand. Well into the second month after Hurricane Maria hit, the island remains dark. By official estimates, almost two-thirds of the island is without electricity. In the meantime, the 3.5 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico struggle to obtain the basic essentials of life, as thousands leave the island for the mainland U.S., perhaps never to return.

Disaster capitalists are heading to Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands. Eloquently articulated by journalist Naomi Klein in her book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” disasters both natural and human-made are increasingly being exploited by for-profit corporations and so-called free-market ideologues to reshape vast swaths of impacted societies, undermining social welfare systems, privatizing public utilities, busting unions and making obscene profits rebuilding.

Post-hurricane Puerto Rico is shaping up to be a textbook case of the shock doctrine.

“I wish I had never been introduced to that term,” Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz told us at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, the large sports arena in San Juan, where she and her staff have been living since the hurricane. “Using chaos to strip employees of their bargaining rights, rights that took 40, 50 years for the unions to be able to determine … it just means taking advantage of people when they are in a life-or-death situation. It’s an absolute mistreatment of human rights.

It means that the strongest really feed off the weakest, until all that’s left is the carcass.”

Disaster Capitalism: When the Strong Prey on the Weak

Good Morning TwitterSpace!

Steve Bannon. Breitbart News, former Senior White House Advisor to President Trump.

Rage Against the Machine:  14 Tweets & Counting

Heck #Manafort’s daughter knew he was into Bad Stuff Big Time. #FBI, bless their anonymous hearts, did the work to NAIL THEM. #TheRESISTANCE

REPORT to @TWITTER every time #Trump calls #HRC this demeaning name. No one can HARASS a PRIVATE CITIZEN on #TWITTER. HE MUST STOP! #FBR

REPORT to @TWITTER #TROLL #TrollFarm pumping out dezinformatsiya propaganda Russian talking points. MONITOR INVESTIGATE @Otterdogs26 #FBR

REPORT TARGETED HARASSMENT “Pocahontas” pejorative racist term. VIOLATION of #Twitter policy to debase, shame #HRC – a PRIVATE CITIZEN. #FBR


As @StephenAtHome said “So #HRC conspired w/ #Russia to lose the #Election201. BRILLIANT!” #WeAreNotMAGA #maga

NYC Terrorist Attack

October 31, 2017 took its place in history next to

September 11, 2001
April 19, 1995

Our nation experienced the 3rd most horrific terrorist attack in our 241 year history but less than 48 hours later the news cycle is focused on President Trump & the GOP’s Big Beautiful Tax Cuts.

Except for calling the New York Times professing his innocence in the Manafort / Gates / Papadopoulos indictments. “It wasn’t me!”

**For the families, friends, communities of the victims please know we are still mourning with you. New York City is the home of my birth & it hurts that you all have had an extraordinary burden to bear these last decades.

Must not forget the celebration underway in Texas as the HOUSTON ASTROS win the 2017 World Series in the 7th game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This win marks the first in Houston Astros franchise history.


@DanaRohrabacher @SenJohnMcCain @SenSchumer @SenFeinstein @SenateGOP @JeffFlake #SusanCollins @AC360 Demand REGULAR ORDER in TAX CUTS LIE.

Dezinformatsiya campaign:
discredit the govt academia press
deflect focus/ blame others #WhatAboutism
monopolize the 24 hour news cycle

Mark Latter – former spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence practically broke into tears trying to make his point which Steve Schmidt