Better buckle up …

… it’s going to be a bumpy ride. President Trump is on the campaign trail stumping for re-election in 2020. His rallies are notorious for ginning up the Base. At his most recent rally in El Paso, TX he got the crowd chanting “CNN SUCKS” just before a MAGA man assaulted a BBC cameraman. The comparisons to pre-World War II & Hitler are startling. Pray that something truly horrible does not happen.

I’m baaaack

WARNING – Don’t let this happen to you: Long time since last I posted. Too much has happened in the past several months to recount here. Suffice it to say, it has been a rough experience. In all my 20 years of building websites with the same server we never lost a site. Until the beginning of December 2018 – when I was informed that ALL of my websites had been suspended by the host for allowing malicious malware to infect my entire remote directory. Took my trusted server, Don (Clearlight Communications) many hours over several days disinfecting as much of the code in as many sites as he could (THANK YOU DON!). He was able to restore the majority of my sites although I lost business & confidence. You see – it was all my fault.

I did not update WordPress properly & a spider bot found the vulnerability & proceeded to seed malware. Since I also neglected to update plug-ins so when they became corrupted I got the White Screen of Death. Again, Don came to the rescue & showed me how I could fix the WordPress plug-ins & recover the sites.

Moral of this story: if you master WordPress websites KEEP BACKUPS & UPDATE the WP version in a timely manner as well as any installed plug-ins. There is no automatic updating that can replace diligent maintenance of your sites. I know this for a hard fact – ALL my websites were down for 16 full days. I could have avoided this hardship but, frankly, I did not know how much at risk my directory was. I have always been front-end (design, build, etc.) but now I know to spend the effort keeping my sites up-to-date thereby protecting the code from malicious malware.

In the olden days, we never worried about being hacked if we followed best practices, used a reliable theme & turned off comments. But, in the last 3 years professional hackers & foreign operatives have found their way into the very fabric of the vast majority of the websites out there.  ** In research**

The level of risk depends on what kind of content is on the site you master, but I stress that all WordPress sites are now vulnerable. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

Jimmy Carter POTUS 39

Jimmy Carter shuns riches, lives modestly in his hometown, Plains, Georgia.

The 39th president of the United States lives modestly, a sharp contrast to his successors, who have left the White House to embrace power of another kind: wealth.

Even those who didn’t start out rich, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have made tens of millions of dollars on the private-sector opportunities that flow so easily to ex-presidents.

When Carter left the White House after one tumultuous term, trounced by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election, he returned to Plains, a speck of peanut and cotton farmland that to this day has a nearly 40 percent poverty rate.
The Democratic former president decided not to join corporate boards or give speeches for big money because, he says, he didn’t want to “capitalize financially on being in the White House.”

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss said that Gerald Ford, Carter’s predecessor and close friend, was the first to fully take advantage of those high-paid post-presidential opportunities, but that “Carter did the opposite.”
Since Ford, other former presidents, and sometimes their spouses, routinely earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it; I don’t blame other people for doing it,” Carter says over dinner. “It just never had been my ambition to be rich.”



Midterm Elections 2018

The DNC is doing unprecedented work to support candidates at the state level this year:

Providing cybersecurity guidance for states — you know the Russians are going to be back to attack our democracy again this year. We’re helping campaigns protect themselves.

Raising grassroots funds for candidates — helping candidates across the country fund their campaigns the right way: From grassroots supporters like you.

Targeting new universes of unregistered voters — our tech team is creating new datasets that identify over 25 million likely Democrats who are currently unregistered, so campaigns can target our voter registration outreach as smartly as possible.

Supporting state parties — now’s a time to make large, long-term investments in state parties, and that’s exactly what we’re doing through the State Party Innovation Fund.

Rebuilding and maintaining the voter files — without it, we can’t do the organizing work it will take on the ground to win in November 2018.