Concealed Carry Reciprocity

It is impossible to discuss anything without first defining and agreeing on common terms. We are not talking about gun-control. We are examining whether we want to live with weapons of war in our civilian society. Our children are telling us that we have failed to keep them safe in their schools, churches, theaters, parks. roads. Indeed, our most vulnerable, our young, fear they may be shot and killed anywhere, anytime in America.

We’re not talking about infringing lawful 2nd Amendment rights or threatening to “take all your guns.” We are searching our souls as a nation for answers. Do we really value our young? Why do we have assault weapons designed for war in our civilian society? Is it realistic to depend on social service systems and civilian police forces to adequately respond to enemy attacks? Are we at war in the homeland? Who are we at war with? Who is the enemy? Us?

While adults and lawmakers again are bogged down by infighting, the next generation is taking over. If we can’t provide the answers, they will. Best for us to get out of the way. I know I work for them now.

We are a group of concerned citizens – parents, educators, lawmakers – working to make Spokane schools safe from gun violence. While the conversation swirls around “gun control” we are focused on the issue of military-grade assault weapons, meant for war, in our civilian society and the impact they have on our children’s lives. Our goal is to provide support, encouragement and assistance to students with evidence-based resources such as on the Sandy Hook Promise program.

NRA Propaganda after Mass Shootings

Hello Kitty Pink AR-15 is the perfect accessory for loyal little NRA girls.

In December 2012 after the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident (which claimed the lives of 20 kindergartners / first-graders & six adults), National Rifle Association spokesman, Wayne La Pierre,  offered thoughts & prayers to the victims of this “needless” tragedy. Following is a paraphrased account of the NRA Talking Points.

1 – It is far too soon to talk about politics. As usual, anti-2nd Amendment pundits, mainstream media, Fake News, Legacy Media are always quick to take advantage of a ratings bonanza.

2 – The system should have flagged the Monster before he could purchase 10 weapons. Everyone knew he was disturbed. The system failed to keep schools safe. The system is broken.

3 – We don’t  love & protect our schools like we do airports, jewelry stores & Hollywood galas. Shame on us for letting schools become soft targets.

4 – Teachers & coaches love their students. They will gladly give their lives for the children. At Sandy Hook, the heroic principal flung herself onto the gunman, using her body as a shield. Shame on us for leaving her & all the children defenseless.

5 – If the Sandy Hook principal was armed the outcome would have been much different. MAYBE SHE COULD HAVE STOPPED the Monster & saved the children’s lives? 

6 – The average school shooting takes approximately 3 minutes. First responders, SWAT are at least 8 minutes away. Shame on us for taking too long to help dying children.

7 – All it takes is a good guy with a gun against a bad guy with a gun.

8 – Teachers who are retired military, police are the perfect candidates for conceal the classrooms.

9 – A lot of Teachers will want to join the program. Teachers can earn a bit of a bonus. Even though they’ll want to conceal carry for free “For practically free, we can harden up security at our schools.” said President Donald Trump

10 – Gun-Free Zones are open invitations to freely come on in because 1 ) the bad guys are cowardly Monsters” 2) they won’t know who is armed & who isn’t so of course they’ll move along. We must immediately eliminate the deadly, dangerous Gun-Free Zone policies at all schools, public buildings, monuments, public gatherings nation wide.

11 – The NRA has offered the services of 5 million patriotic Americans to solve the terrible tragedies of school shootings.

12 – The leftist Democrats only want to obstruct common sense gun laws. Liberals, the Legacy Media, Fake News only exploit the pain & suffering of grieving white mothers for ratings.

13 – The NRA is insulted & offended by these attacks upon our God-given 2nd Amendment Rights






At the end of my life, I have the great honor to witness an American:

Civil War
Storming of the Bastille

All in Real Time.

All in the last 10 days.

MSD Strong are kids who want to live in a world where they are not TERRIFIED of a TERRORIST ATTACK in their schools, churches, communities. They are demanding a complete change in the culture the NRA’s pro-weapons policies have created.

Stoneman Douglas Shooting | NEVER AGAIN

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#WeCallBS #NeverAgain

Taking Back Congress: 2018 & beyond

RESIST Trumpism meme / America Rising BLUE

‘ indifference to claims of abuse infuriated Republicans, already confronting a surge of activism from women driven to protest, raise money & run for office because of their fervent opposition to .” “This is coming, this is real,” said .

#DemocraticMemo #DemMemo #democracyunderthreat #DemocratMemo #Democracy #ProtectRosenstein #ProtectMueller #MuellerInvestigation #MuellerTime The United States of America is under attack & the #GOP is complicit. We are at war & #potus45 #Tillerson are DOING NOTHING. #Election2018

Russian push on hides real issue: could not get SECURITY CLEARANCE to work w/ CLASSIFIED HIGHLY Confidential govt intell because his background put him at risk of BLACKMAIL by America’s enemies.

Question for my Republican Brother

Dear Stan – What will you do when your president forces violent domestic conflict, declares martial law, suspends the Constitution, orders the military to occupy local & state governments, seize the media and the police to start arresting Democrats and opposing citizenry – AKA The RESISTANCE – for treason and UnAmerican behavior?

Asking for a friend.

Time to take your stand

We are that point in history when we each must decide who we are and what we value as Americans.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on Senate Floor Tuesday, February 6, 2018 responding to President Trump calling “Democrats Un-American and treasonous” at a speech at an Ohio factory February 5, 2018 for not applauding him during his first State of the Union Address January 29, 2018.

Despite what Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says, Americans are listening to Senator Flake.  The world listened today when Trump said, “We need a good government shutdown.” Our military heard General Kelly’s racist remarks amid orders to prepare a Grand Military Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue like North Korea, Russia to “show” how powerful we are. He envisions His Greatest Show On Earth.

Gee, where have we heard that before?