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July 17, 2019 – Republican Senator Rand Paul stopped the Senate Bill renewing the 9/11 First Responders Compensation Fund, even though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell assured America the fund would not run dry.

Except it has.

Jon Stewart makes the 9/11 Heroes his life’s service. “At some point, we have to stand up for the people who have always stood up for us, and at this moment in time maybe cannot stand up for themselves due to their illnesses and their injuries,” Stewart said. “And what Rand Paul did today on the floor of the Senate was outrageous.”


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November 2019 Elections
Spokane City Council President 

Mike Fagan
SOURCE: Joseph Thompson www.

“It’s really funny the way the Republican Party works,” Mike Fagan said. “People end up getting little labels and break off into their splinter whereas the Democrats kick our butt every time. They get more goal oriented and cast everything else off to the side. That’s admirable. I wish others could do the same.”

Mike Fagan Spokane City Council PresidentFagan said he wants to hold politicians accountable and did so in 1999 against a politician of his own party. Former Congressman George Nethercutt Jr. ousted then, Speaker of the House Tom Foley in 1994 partly due to his stance on term limits. While campaigning in 1999, Nethercutt went back on his stance and Fagan made sure to point that out at every campaign event he could.

“In 1999, I spent a whole year chasing [Nethercutt] up and down the 5th District because he was getting ready to lie to the people that elected him,” Fagan said. “I ended up donning a brown, fuzzy, full-length weasel costume — and I shadowed him all around the Fifth Congressional District with a sign that said ‘Keep your word, George.’ I had a little king’s crown with the seal of Congress and I made a red sash that said ‘King Weasel.’ ”

Fagan said he wasn’t “high up on the food chain” of his party and credits that to his actions toward Nethercutt. “I got looked at differently by the rest of the party because I stood my ground and wanted our people to tell the truth,” Fagan said.

While Fagan had praise for GU’s increasing development, his criticism of GU stemmed from the university’s handling of Dinesh D’Souza’s visit to campus.
“Here you are, a student at a law school, aren’t you guys teaching the First Amendment?” Fagan said. “I had to scratch my head on that one.”

Spokane has been home to several rallies, demonstrations and protests aimed at President Donald Trump. Fagan sees these as events that “bring on the destruction of private property, injuries and maybe even a death or two occurred.”
Fagan questions the purpose of such events and urges protesters to accept November’s results.

“All for what?” Fagan said. “You’ve got the rumor floating around on social media saying that some of these protesters are being paid, transported to these events. ‘Come on, guys. Trump won the election. Give him an opportunity to work.’ ”
Fagan doubled down on that sentiment during a recent pro-Trump rally.

“The Democrats are planning an all-out effort of mayhem and destruction,” Fagan said, according to The Spokesman-Review. So far, demonstrations in Spokane haven’t turned violent.

Fagan accused Ben Stuckart and fellow council members of “packing the chambers” for a vote on an ordinance set to ban religious registries in city government. “I can see exactly how this all worked out,” Fagan said. “The day before, a couple of council members, including [Stuckart], were out at the Lincoln statue and word gets out to me that [Stuckart] was actually encouraging people to load up the council chambers.”

Fagan voted against putting the ordinance on the agenda because religious registries are “not allowed by law,” the ordinance was not an emergency like Stuckart said it was, and was based on political campaign speech and “it just so happens the guy that sponsored the bill happens to be running against [Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers] and this is a way to ignite his base and pull off a nice little campaign stunt.”

Despite voting against placing the ordinance on the agenda, Fagan voted for the ordinance. According to Fagan, Stuckart was taking pictures of the crowd with his cellphone. “It wouldn’t surprise me the least if some of those pictures didn’t end up on his campaign webpage,” Fagan said. Currently, no photos of the meeting are available on Stuckart’s campaign website, Facebook or Twitter.

Fagan lived around the globe as a child as his father was in the Navy. “I grew up a Navy brat,” Fagan said. “I’ve lived all over the world.” Fagan thinks his ethnicity and worldliness are assets for him on City Council.

“I am multiracial,” Fagan said. “I have an appreciation for the multi-racial conversations we have out in the community. I think my worldview is much more expanded than the people I’m actually representing because I’ve had that worldly experience.” The councilman is entering his second and final term with City Council and doesn’t have eyes for state or federal government positions.

“I’m 57,” Fagan said. “I’ve done a lot, seen a lot. I’ve been to a lot of different places. I have no aspirations for D.C., no aspirations of going to Olympia.” Fagan will most likely return to his roots as a community organizer. “Before I came into office, I was a community leader in Bemis, Whitman and Hillyard,” Fagan said. “To me, vying for a seat on council was the next natural ladder rung. When I get out of office, I’ll probably head right back to my community and jump in the role of a community leader and carry on.”

SOURCE: Joseph Thompson www.

Hey, Mitch McConnell …

by Merlin1963

… Kentucky is calling its senior Senator who just happens to have extraordinary power as Leader of the Republican-held Senate even though he chose not to wield it on behalf of his coal-mining constituents.
by Merlin1963

“McConnell has repeatedly failed to do right by our coal workers and communities. In 2017, McConnell co-authored a high-profile op-ed claiming to support projects that would “provide financial, environmental and economic support to hard-hit coal regions.” However, in a stark contrast to this claim, last year (and the year before that, and the year before that) he failed to win, or even fight for, federal funding for the RECLAIM Act, the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, and miners’ pension fund. All three of these measures are urgently needed to support a Just Transition for workers and communities in Kentucky.

The RECLAIM Act alone would have brought $1 billion back to coal mining regions in Central Appalachia. But, despite strong outcry from his constituents — including 16 local governments that passed local resolutions urging his support — McConnell did not push for a vote for these programs that would directly benefit his constituents. Despite his enormous influence in Congress, he did nothing. Much like the miners suffering from black lung, he allowed these measures to die without a voice.” Source:

200 Twitter TROLL accounts spread racist & negative disinformation

by SemDem

“A team of analysts at Politico found a small group of 200 accounts—specifically these guys—drove a “disproportionate” amount of racist and negative disinformation, over a 30-day period, targeting four Democratic presidential candidates for 2020: Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke. In fact, between 2-15% of all Twitter mentions concerning these candidates over that timeframe originated from this small group.

This is the same group that generated or were mentioned in over 140 million tweets in the run-up to the 2018 midterms. Their focus then was on non-existent “voter fraud,” and the false claim that millions of undocumented immigrants vote in elections. The researchers said this group uses highly coordinated techniques to go viral, including funneling their tweets to other suspicious, knowingly automated accounts; the group also deployed sophisticated tactics that seem to easily bypass current detection methods.

Politico also reported that foreign hostiles appear to be involved.”


CNN is NOT the Enemy of the PEOPLE. The FREE PRESS is the defender of freedom & democracy. America Rising BLUE
CNN is NOT the Enemy of the PEOPLE. The FREE PRESS is the defender of freedom & democracy. America Rising BLUE 

When Nazis came to town

The German American Bund had a significant presence in the 1930s, with youth camps and training camps in New Jersey, upstate New York, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and a huge march down East 86th Street in Manhattan. But their mainstream appeal was reduced by their leaders’ German accents and culture.

As Halford E. Luccock famously said, “When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled ‘made in Germany’; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, ‘Americanism.’” The group’s leader Fritz Kuhn was eventually arrested for embezzling Bund funds and sent to prison and stripped of his citizenship. After the war, he was deported to West Germany where he died a few years later. The Bund disbanded soon after the start of World War II, but the people who had supported it remained.

“The first thing that struck me was that an event like this could happen in the heart of New York City, a city that was diverse, modern, and progressive even in 1939. The second thing that struck me was the way these American Nazis used the symbols of America to sell an ideology that a few years later hundreds of thousands of Americans would die fighting against.”

It really illustrated that the tactics of demagogues have been the same throughout the ages. They attack the press, using sarcasm and humor. They tell their followers that they are the true Americans (or Germans or Spartans or…). And they encourage their followers to “take their country back” from whatever minority group has ruined it.


Better buckle up …

… it’s going to be a bumpy ride. President Trump is on the campaign trail stumping for re-election in 2020. His rallies are notorious for ginning up the Base. At his most recent rally in El Paso, TX he got the crowd chanting “CNN SUCKS” just before a MAGA man assaulted a BBC cameraman. The comparisons to pre-World War II & Hitler are startling. Pray that something truly horrible does not happen.

I’m baaaack

WARNING – Don’t let this happen to you: Long time since last I posted. Too much has happened in the past several months to recount here. Suffice it to say, it has been a rough experience. In all my 20 years of building websites with the same server we never lost a site. Until the beginning of December 2018 – when I was informed that ALL of my websites had been suspended by the host for allowing malicious malware to infect my entire remote directory. Took my trusted server, Don (Clearlight Communications) many hours over several days disinfecting as much of the code in as many sites as he could (THANK YOU DON!). He was able to restore the majority of my sites although I lost business & confidence. You see – it was all my fault.

I did not update WordPress properly & a spider bot found the vulnerability & proceeded to seed malware. Since I also neglected to update plug-ins so when they became corrupted I got the White Screen of Death. Again, Don came to the rescue & showed me how I could fix the WordPress plug-ins & recover the sites.

Moral of this story: if you master WordPress websites KEEP BACKUPS & UPDATE the WP version in a timely manner as well as any installed plug-ins. There is no automatic updating that can replace diligent maintenance of your sites. I know this for a hard fact – ALL my websites were down for 16 full days. I could have avoided this hardship but, frankly, I did not know how much at risk my directory was. I have always been front-end (design, build, etc.) but now I know to spend the effort keeping my sites up-to-date thereby protecting the code from malicious malware.

In the olden days, we never worried about being hacked if we followed best practices, used a reliable theme & turned off comments. But, in the last 3 years professional hackers & foreign operatives have found their way into the very fabric of the vast majority of the websites out there.  ** In research**

The level of risk depends on what kind of content is on the site you master, but I stress that all WordPress sites are now vulnerable. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.