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Es obvio que el gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos no tiene procedimientos, políticas o protocolos para reunificar a las familias ya separadas y recluidas en detención.
Es obvio que el gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos no tiene procedimientos, políticas o protocolos para reunificar a las familias ya separadas y recluidas en detención.

It’s obvious the USA federal government has no procedures, policies or protocols to reunify the families already separated & held in Detention. It is up to us.


Reuniting children with their families

We are all witnessing the humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border as images and sounds of crying children in obvious distress have finally surfaced. Since April. when the Trump Administration implemented the “Zero Tolerance” policy to arrest and charge immigrants crossing illegally between official ports of entry, an estimated 2300 children have been displaced from their families.  Although President Trump reversed his own Family Separation policy today, much confusion exists about reuniting the children already taken by the Department of Homeland Security and placed into a hodgepodge network of shelters, tent cities and foster homes.

Complicating everything is the apparent lack of planning and the woefully inadequate resources to help families find and reunite with their children after their cases have been adjudicated.  In some cases, parents have already been deported back to their home countries while their children remain in custody somewhere in the United States. Little or no thought has been given to what happens to these families afterward.  The very real possibility exists that many of these children will never be reunited with their mothers and fathers.

Long-tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter

Example: a Mother & Father looking for their child & the people helping your child to find you are hampered by disjointed agencies not communicating let alone sharing their data.

Think about this:  Long-Tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter.

Different parameters than Boolean Searches; instead Twitter uses hashtags, underscores.

Help to reunify separated families. Long-Tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter
Help to reunify separated families. Long-Tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter



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Talking gun control without talking gun control

As students across America prepare for the March 4 Our Lives on March 24, 2018, the NRA will greet them with talking points which may sound reasonable but are really circular arguments that cannot be won. This meme is one of them.

Let’s parse it: If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat. The point of this argument is that guns, pencils, cars, spoons are inert objects that can’t do anything by themselves. Only the person wielding the object determines if it’s used responsibly or irresponsibly, for good or ill.

This “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” premise falls apart quickly when you consider the following statistics based on years of gun violence research.

A gun in the home increases the chance of being killed by firearms 72%.

A gun in the home is responsible for a vast majority of children killed by firearms.

A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a suicide, homicide or accident than to be used for self-defense.

A gun in the home triples the risk of homicide.

A gun in the home increases the likelihood of suicide five-fold.

An abused woman is 6 times more likely to be murdered if there is a gun in the home.


I asked my brother last night. “So, did you hear about Trump making Sessions fire FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe?”

“Oh yeah, he’s that corrupt FBI agent who took money from Hillary Clinton while he was investigating the Clinton Foundation.”

“No Stan, Mr McCabe is not that corrupt FBI agent who took money from Hillary Clinton while he was investigating the Clinton Foundation. Why do you think he got fired just 2 hours before his 50th birthday & 26 hours before he was eligible for his full pension & benefits after 21 years of honorable service to the United States?”

“Well, I don’t know anything about that but Sarah Sanders said it’s well documented McCabe is a bad player.”

“No Stan, it is not well documented the former Deputy Director of the FBI is a bad player.  Just because Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says something doesn’t make it true. ”

“Well, you don’t want Sharia Law in America do you?”


Another victim of NRA culture

I will forever be haunted by the child’s voice on the phone “My name is Nicolas Cruz.  My mother died recently and I don’t know what to do.”

Nicolas Cruz, the shooter at Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, is a teenager and, until recently, a student himself at the 3000-student high school.  Since his Valentine’s Day Massacre which claimed 17 lives, much has been published about the 19-year old’s troubled life. Arrested a short time after the attack by local police, Cruz faces 17 counts of premeditated murder. The prosecutor is calling for the death penalty. Cruz has indicated he’ll plead guilty if the death penalty is taken off the table.

Seeing Nicolas Cruz as he’s brought into court, I am taken by how thin, deflated he looks. Caved chest, head hanging low as possible, he shuffles to the defense table with shackled waist, ankles and wrists. He is a shell of a teenager, traumatized, dejected, unable to look up or respond to anything around him.

Politicians are quick to cast blame on the system for not stopping a “sicko” from an “act of pure evil.” Although law enforcement, social services and/or other emergency agencies had (supposedly) been alerted some 39 times in the last  two years that Cruz was a danger to himself and others, he was allowed to accumulate 10 weapons of varying types and calibers including the AR-15 assault rifle.

The weapon of choice among ardent 2nd Amenders & the National Rifle Association, the semi-automatic AR-15 was used in the mass murders at Pulse Nightclub, the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, the Las Vegas outdoor concert, the Sutherland, TX church, and Sandy Hook Elementary School 5 years ago. In each case, the weapon and high-velocity ammunition were obtained legally.

Nicolas Cruz is the poster child of the lone wolf who commits mass shootings in America. Unable to buy a handgun until age 21, Cruz needed to be just 18 years old  to purchase his AR-15 and train on a youth gun range funded in part with a grant from the NRA.  Disaffected, disassociated, socially inept, an outlier who never fit in, he was that kid who can never be normal. 

As Cruz drifted farther from normalcy, he found kindred spirits, an accepting family of some very fine people – skinheads, white nationalists, Anglo-Americans, NeoNazis. Indeed, Cruz allegedly scratched swastikas onto the metal ammo clips he left behind signifying his intent and purpose.

The argument is made that millions of gun owners have tough lives but they don’t shoot up schools. Why did Nicolas Cruz fall off the edge into an orgy of blood and violence against his own peers?

His mother died suddenly just months before from a case of the flu. There were only 4 people at her funeral – himself, his brother and two former neighbors. The family of a classmate invited Nicolas to live with them but it’s clear the loss of his mother was so significant that tragedy of some kind was inevitable.



As I approach the end years of my life, I am awestruck, dumbfounded by the events taking off around me in the world. I have always been accused of being about 5 years ahead of everyone else and these days are no exception. I need to be careful because I know I sound crazy when muttering to myself, “Russians! Money Laundering! Nazis in the White House!  OH MY GOD! HOLY CRAP!”

Breaking news Tuesday, March 13, 2018: President Trump fired his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, this morning via a Tweet. Broadsided and deeply emotional, Tillerson delivered a warning to protect and defend the Constitution.

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin of Russia continues to launch chemical / biological attacks in the United Kingdom. After a former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with Novichock, a known Cold War nerve toxin developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970’s,

When talking about Gun Control …

… don’t use the words “Gun” or “Control”.

“As a country we are in a state of denial because we’ve confused the issue of the right to bear arms with the right to carry arms all the time anywhere or any place you want.”

“We have to have a different kind of conversation in America and be prepared to speak about the politically unspeakable.” Lt General Russell Honore