RESISTANCE websites seek advertisers, sponsors, contributors, visionaries, mentors

The Gaia Capitalist web publishing house announced the publication of several new websites dedicated to The RESISTANCE. website features news, memes, articles, opposition research geared to the upcoming November 2018 Midterm Elections and the 2020 Presidential Elections.

email: info @ IAmWomanHearMeVOTE . com

“While Julian Assange has been holed up at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the last 6 years to avoid prosecution and is now allegedly being held incommunicado for violating a written agreement to “not send messages that interfere with other states”, we have jumped into the vacuum and created in his image. will be a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We will give asylum to these documents, we will analyze them, we will promote them and we will obtain more. WeakiLeaks is dedicated to Taking Back Congress 2018 and The RESISTANCE.” is seeking data to dump ahead of the 2018 Midterm elections ala WikiLeaks during the 2016 Presidential elections.

For all the WeakiLeaks stuff you can’t live without, our online store will open soon. Please, also consider supporting our vision and mission via Patreon.

Do you wanna be a Leaker? We need all the collusion we can get.

email: TheLeaker  @ WeakiLeaks  .  com focuses on the CYBER WARFARE  Putin & his Russian intelligence have been waging against the United States since 2008.

Content, memes, cartoons, Tweets etc will eventually be published in English and Russian on website (under development)

email: advertising @ dezinformatsiya  .  net Trump Tweets from the outrageous to the follows Donald J Trump as he plays President of the United States on Twitter. 

Enjoy Trump Tweets from the outrageous to the absurd.

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