Reuniting children with their families

We are all witnessing the humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border as images and sounds of crying children in obvious distress have finally surfaced. Since April. when the Trump Administration implemented the “Zero Tolerance” policy to arrest and charge immigrants crossing illegally between official ports of entry, an estimated 2300 children have been displaced from their families.  Although President Trump reversed his own Family Separation policy today, much confusion exists about reuniting the children already taken by the Department of Homeland Security and placed into a hodgepodge network of shelters, tent cities and foster homes.

Complicating everything is the apparent lack of planning and the woefully inadequate resources to help families find and reunite with their children after their cases have been adjudicated.  In some cases, parents have already been deported back to their home countries while their children remain in custody somewhere in the United States. Little or no thought has been given to what happens to these families afterward.  The very real possibility exists that many of these children will never be reunited with their mothers and fathers.

Long-tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter

Example: a Mother & Father looking for their child & the people helping your child to find you are hampered by disjointed agencies not communicating let alone sharing their data.

Think about this:  Long-Tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter.

Different parameters than Boolean Searches; instead Twitter uses hashtags, underscores.

Help to reunify separated families. Long-Tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter
Help to reunify separated families. Long-Tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter