#MSDStrong & Common Sense Gun Reform

America Rising Blue: Spokane Strong, Common Sense Gun Laws

At what point in history will our morals, ethics, standards be so violated that our national political views are galvanized to preserve America, democracy & freedom? When do #BLUEstates talk #secession from #REDstates? #VetsRESIST #Spokane #MSDstrong #FBRParty #CommonSenseGunLaws

The National Rifle Association #NRA spreads $$ around to all sorts of civilian groups including Future Farmers of America #FFA. I fear the #BoyScouts too? “Whoever controls the search engines controls how history is written.” #SpokaneStrong #VetsRESIST #MSDStrong #FBRparty #RT

 “Based in Newtown, Connecticut, our intent is to honor all victims of gun violence by turning our tragedy into a moment of transformation by providing programs and practices that protect children from gun violence.

By uniting people of all beliefs and backgrounds who value the protection of children to take meaningful actions in their homes and communities, we will prevent gun violence and stop the tragic loss of life. “

Every day 314 people are shot. Of these shootings, 41 are children 18 and under.  In the US each year, 114,644 people are shot. About 14,783 are ages 18 or younger.

America Rising Blue: Spokane Strong, Common Sense Gun Laws


David Hogg, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Senior, broadcast journalist, President of the United States of America (elected 2060).

Hogg & his 3000 + classmates, teachers & school staff survived an active shooter on the afternoon of February 14, Valentine’s Day, 2018, in Parkland FL.