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Accusations against are to discredit him before hearings. know will hold feet to the fire. Lying to Congress Obstruction of Justice Conspiracy Against the US

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Just  when I thought The Trump regime could go no lower than allowing rich  Big Game Hunters to bring their Elephant & Lion trophies home from Zimbabwe & Zambia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claims the prize  for removing safeguards against CHILD SOLDIERS in Myanmar, Iraq & Afghanistan.

    “The child soldiers law passed in 2008 states that the U.S. government must be satisfied that no children under the age of 18 “are recruited, conscripted or otherwise compelled to serve as child soldiers” for a country to be removed from the list. The statute extends specifically to government militaries and government-supported armed groups like militias.

The list currently includes the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Mali, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

In a written response to the dissent memo on Sept. 1, Tillerson adviser Brian Hook acknowledged that the three countries did use child soldiers. He said, however, it was necessary to distinguish between governments “making little or no effort to correct their child soldier violations … and those which are making sincere – if as yet incomplete – efforts.” []Hook made clear that America’s top diplomat used what he sees as his discretion to interpret the law.

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“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” Goebbels

Thank you @ClintonFdn @BillClinton @HillaryClinton @ChelseaClinton for bringing “real food” to #PuertoRicoRelief. We must find out how & who #FEMA @FEMA @FEMA_Brock gave this contract to. @CarmenYulinCruz @ltgrusselhonore @AC360 @CNNPolitics @cnnbrk @CNNnewsroom @CNN #FBR4Doug

Call Congress now 202-224-3121 Stop the GOP Tax Scam.


Cancer. Unemployment. Medical bills. Bankruptcy. Millions of American households live in financial anxiety. Making the Internet a Premium Service is class warfare against people who simply cannot afford it. #NetNeutrality #NetNuetrality #TuesdayThoughts #Tuesday #FBR4Doug #FBR

Trump’s FCC is callously cutting off internet for poor Americans … via @shareblue

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Absolutely right Elastigirl 2018. The Internet is only what it is today because #HTML is PUBLIC DOMAIN #OpenSourceCode #coders #sysops #Drupal #WordPress. #SEO #geeksRESIST #Geeks will always figure it out. #FBR4Doug #FBResist #RoyMoore #TheRESISTANCE #Impeach #NetNeutrality #FBR

We are not victims, so fragile & delicate that we can only endure unwanted offensive acts upon our bodies. We are not weak & submissive we just have to “let them do it”. We can & will stand up, speak for ourselves. ♀️

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Trump Merchandise down 30% 19 Organizations Cancel events Business Advisory Council Resigns After Trump Pardons Human Rights Abuser Trump Sons Kill in Allows Child Soldiers

Thank you for bringing this very important issue up. Whenever women can stand up & speak for ourselves we will share & give voice to those of us who can’t. When women abdicate our power to men we silence our sons & daughters.

Even better. Whenever we can stand up & speak for ourselves we will share & give voice to those of us who can’t. When we abdicate our power to tyranny we silence the next generation.

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Take a deep breath. Drink lots of water / coffee / wine. smoke sweet dank, vape nic do whatever it takes to keep . NEVER give up. We have to fight for Elephants Lions Child Soldiers Widows Black Athletes. OMG You’re right! AAARRGGGGGHHH!

@Pontifex Pope Francis was none too pleased with #NewtGingrich mistress, now 3rd wife, appointed as US Ambassador to the #Vatican. Why did she want to serve in this post? #FBR4Doug #FBR #TheResistanceVOTES #TheRESISTANCE #FBRSEO #geeksRESIST #FBResist #TakeBackCongress2018 #SEO

The Mayor of San Juan Isn’t Finished With @realDonaldTrump: “Power Does Not Make You a Good Person”
#PuertoRico grapples with new normal after #HurricaneMaria demolished the island Sept 20, 2017. #FEMA @FEMA_Brock RUDE DISRESPECTFUL #FBR4Doug #FBResist

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Stopping them from taking something important from us.
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#1stAmendment #1A
#Elephants #Lions in Africa #WildLife

The high school student who eloquently spoke on behalf of #DACA is invited to #Spokane #WA. As a #BLUEstate we are honored & privileged to welcome her, her family & friends to our diverse & respectful community. SHE IS RIGHT. HE IS WRONG. #FBR4Doug #FBResist #TheRESISTANCE 

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Trump / Putin Asian meeting: what could possibly go wrong?

Hats off to Brian Stelter CNN Sunday Nov 5, 2017 for encouraging Kellyanne Conway to talk & talk …

..argue, dispute, refute, counter, detract, What Aboutism (what about Hillary) shame the media / press, CNN in particular, for “being Anti-Trump”. A quote from the notorious propagandist J Goebbels “Accuse the other of that which you are doing.”

Spin. Repeat.

Stelter did a great job letting Kellyanne hang herself, dig her hole deeper, slipped the noose around her own neck – not to mix metaphors.


Daily Tweets

We don’t know if @clivebushjd is
American #altRIGHT
Russian #dezinformatsiya
Uzbekistani #trollfarm
Is he being paid?
By whom?

Trump ran for president because he wanted the power he thought came with the job, not the job that actually comes with the power @EzraKlien

He’s a Nixonian Republican. In his mind the executive power of the presidency is limitless, and by definition, whatever he does is legal. @FrostPegasus

GW, Cheney, Rumsfeld are #Nixon Republicans. Trump isn’t #GOP. Convenient usage of the Grand Old Party’s apparatus & they let him do it.

He’s been sued for slander, libel, blackmail, tax evasion, fraud, outstanding debts to vendors, employees BUT he uses LAWYERS as WEAPONS.

Sen #RandPaul not raking his leaves
59 yo neighbor had issues
a tackle?
#RandPaul called police
I’M HURT! He tackled me from behind!

#GetReal #RandPaul was NOT “attacked by anti-Trump hating Dem” as
“reported” on #altRIGHT “news” sites #Breitbart #FOX. Feud w/ neighbor.

This sounds like the who sew discord & cook up schemes as they dust over libertarians & rake up hooligans.

#antifa Grannies are at it again. Watch out #altRIGHT #trolls #TwitterTrills we’re comin’ for you. Well, at least #Mueller is. #RESIST #FBR

Who would turn you against John McCain?

Why did General Kelly Lie to Us? lorida Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Sgt LaDavid Johnson, America Rising BLUE

Silly Steve Bannon Trivia

Steve Bannon takes credit for & others attribute to him coining the term and philosophy of the altRIGHT.

Steve is responsible for Trump ‘s pet names – Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Whacky Wilson, Little Rocket Man.

and now Liddle Jeff Flake. [ed: please listen to Senator Jeff Flake’s passionate speech on the Senate floor 10-24-17]

Steve HATES Mitch McConnell & believes he must be unseated in midterm Elections 2018.

Steve HATES Senator Bob Corker & states he should “immediately resign for the terrible things he said about The President.”

Steve Bannon is particularly good at identifying, targeting for wrath their “enemies”, all those against President Trump, all those responsible for their unhappiness. At the recent CA State GOP Convention, Bannon named these ENEMIES:

Silicon Valley Tech Lords
Democrats, Nancy Pelosi
Progressives, liberals, leftists
Sanctuary Cities
Global Elitists
Senator John McCain
President George W Bush
Establishment GOP
CA GOP Rep Pat Cook
UC Berkeley, leftist institutions
The Media
The Culture

Must be a record  

In a 2-hour period, Bannon was able to conjure up 12  supposed ENEMIES to BE against. To blame, point fingers at in his cultural war to deconstruct America (his terms).


Germany 1937.

Think about that please.  The future of our nation, neigh the planet, depends on it.

I mean that.

Bannon sought to reassure the embattled party activists that the GOP could take back the reins in a majority-minority state that is increasingly tacking to the left. “It looks like now, it’s impossible to do anything in California,’’ he said. “The media’s against you, the culture’s against you…[but] you have got everything you need to’ve got big ideas, you have the grassroots, you’ve got muscle.” He urged conservatives to support Trump’s agenda,’’ adding “the future of this state is in your hands, I mean that.”


Please tell me I’m crazy

Got to thinking about the New York Stock Exchange #NYSE after Trump once again gleefully pointed out its consistent performance since he took office January 2017.

Record-breaking in fact. “The world has never seen such a spectacular increase in the value of the Stock Exchange. It keeps going up and up!”

Does anyone else think something about that is weird? I’m not an economist, nor an active stocks & bonds type but I had the great opportunity to learn about “playing the market” from my sister, brother & father. I know enough through observation over many years that I believe the exchange is not responding normally to conventional market & consumer confidence indicators 


In the last 9 months, why have there been no significant downward adjustments? 

Why has there been a 5000 pt increase since Election 2016?

What factors account for a 25% rise in the NYSE in such a short period in the chaotic environment Trump has created?

The hurricanes and fires with its enormous cost in damages are always expected this time of year.  But we did not know Trump would blow up our national health care system two months before Christmas by signing an Executive Order summarily stopping federal “subsidy” Medicaid payments to health insurance companies.

He made it very clear “they are lining their pockets, getting rich off of taxpayers & they’re not providing GREAT HEALTH  CARE to the people of the United States.” These are the same insurance companies, however, that cover the entire population. The plans tailored for Obamacare are disappearing, certainly some health insurance companies will suffer severe losses. To recoup these losses I see premiums going up for everyone.

The health/medical industries account for 1/6th of the United States economy.  With Trump’s Executive Order, millions of Americans have been thrown into uncertainty, confusion and fear about losing their health insurance. Confidence in the future is at best cautious. The most responsible response by consumers, of course, is to tighten our belts. Instead of buying that new flat screen TV or jewelry or more toys for the kids during the Holiday Shopping Season, we should put that money away JUST IN CASE.

How is it possible this dynamic uncertainty  – across entire industries and populations, negatively impacting the future budgets of millions of American households -not be reflected in the New York Stock Exchange?

America Rising Blue


Proposed Trump TAX REFORM legislation.

The Obamacare subsidies can now be redirected into traditional tax cuts as detailed in the Trump Tax Reform legislation.  Even taking into account that the wealthy pay more taxes and, thus, it is logical they would reap larger benefits, the details of the package make it clear the top 1% will receive a disproportionate share of tax relief.  

Repeal of the Inheritance Tax (so-called death tax) was heralded by Trump as

Taking Medicaid from the needy & transferring it by trickery to the ultra-wealthy (multi-billionaires) appears to be part of their end-game.




Never Forget. Never Again. We are #TheResistance.

Responding to @Aroliso #Tweet :

“Every single day the  media try to take you down.. You never falter, you always stand strong!”

#potus45 #ReTweets with comment: 

“Thank you, the very dishonest Fake News Media is out of control!” article by David Akadjian “Three Russian propaganda techniques being used by the Trump administration—and how to fight them

Reprinted here
with credits.

Toxic cynicism

The idea behind toxic cynicism is discouragement.

If you believe that nothing you do is going to make a difference, you’re more likely to check out and not even vote.

We saw this in large doses in the last election: Everything is awful so f*ck it, why not vote for Trump? If everyone is lying, what difference does it make?

We’ve heard this for years from right-wing pundits in these forms:

  • You can’t trust the government
  • You can’t trust the media
  • You can’t trust science
  • You can’t trust academia
Breitbart News is the Grand Daddy of #FakeNews
With Steve Bannon back at the helm, Breitbart News is the grand Daddy of #FakeNews.

In the past, these narratives have been used to discredit traditional institutions while building up the organizations that corporate America wants us to trust: Big business.

We all know the marketing—We need to free some “markets.” We need tax cuts to unleash the power of our corporations. What’s good for business is what’s good for America. Markets regulate themselves. More consumer choice will fix all of our issues with government.

All of these narratives were designed by corporate special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce to encourage one thing: Selling off government (organizations designed by and for people) to private industry (organizations with profit as the main goal).  (ed: great example of public to private is #EricPrince proposal to RUN the #AFGHANISTAN WAR as a private contractor. Only $10BILLION per year! Prince is Sec Education #BetsyDevos brother. He is notorious for his private security firm in Iraq War #BlackWater.)

We’ve heard so much of this over the years from our own propagandists that we were really susceptible to even greater levels of cynicism in this past election. Over and over again we were told that Hillary Clinton was just as bad.

Vanity Fair wrote about the goal of toxic cynicism in Russian propaganda:

At the heart of this mind-set is the idea that there is no such thing as objective truth or even facts, because everything is spun or disguised to reflect advantageously on one group or another. “The whole idea of values has been thoroughly debased [in Russia], to the extent that if you talk about Western values you’ll just get a laugh,” says Ben Nimmo, a research fellow at the Atlantic Council.

This environment of toxic cynicism allows Putin’s word to be as good as anyone else’s, because according to Moscow’s worldview everyone, including and especially westerners, is a self-righteous hypocrite and a liar.

Simply put, conservatives are led to believe that everything that comes from the left (#MainStreetMedia #TheResistance #antifa #LibTards #Snowflakes etc.) is some sort of spin.

Therefore, any spin of their own is justified. “I’m only a hateful, lying hypocrite because Libtards are.” 

We are #TheResistance.

Read full article reprinted with credits here.

#UniteTheRight #UniteTheWhite #UniteTheReich

FIGHT #UniteTheRight FIGHT #UniteTheWhite

FIRE #Bannon  FIRE #Gorka FIRE #Miller

#RESISTmemes #StatueOfLiberty @AmRisingBLUE @GaiaCapitalist @trumpmemes

#HeatherHeyer is martyr to the Cause of Freedom.  Murdered August 12, 2017 Charlottesville, VA by American Terrorists. The KKK has never been extinguished but the alleged President Trump fanned their Flames into Fire & Fury AGAINST AMERICANS.

Trump has ALWAYS BEEN RACIST.  His first experience in court was when he was sued as “SLUM LORD”.  He is a PROVEN cheat,  liar.  Now he is so pumped up his malignant narcissism might very well rain Fire & Fury on all of us.

It’s finally come to this: the President of the United States dog whistles (from his Private Golf Course Resort) to David Duke that he’s OK with their public actions (aka Domestic Terrorism).

Let it be known: @potus is dancing with the devil.

American Terrorists strike Aug 12, 2017 Charlottesville, VA


Truman was not a member of KKK
Democratic Opposition Research claims Democrat Harry S Truman was a member of the KKK. Not TRUE.

Tweeme "GOP in the Swamp"Tweet Meme Tweeme
So how’s that draining of the swamp going? Seems ya’ll have gone full on BOG.