These are not normal times

Open Letter to My Dear Republican Brother – these last 21 months have been difficult for our relationships. I know I’ve always been the back sheep – a rare blue in your sea of red – and I will always believe I brought an important perspective to the table but I never felt that you demonized me. Nor, I you. Our differing political never separated us into corners, unable to even talk with each other anymore. But, that apparently is where we are now.

I recently realized that my experience with our father was very different than yours. Since I was the baby of the family, the late-in-life child who remained with Mom & Dad for the many years after you’d left for college, I had more time alone with them. Dad loved talking history, politics, world events and I loved listening to him. So much so I graduated UC Berkeley with a BA degree in Political science.

So what’s the problem? The recent Helsinki Summit between Presidents Trump & Putin has tipped the scale.

America Rising BLUE: United States Presidential Oath of Office
America Rising BLUE: United States Presidential Oath of Office

It became apparent to the world that the United States President Trump is not defending the truth against the dezinformatsiya campaign & cyberwarfare Russia is waging on us. As surely as Osama bin-Laden attacked the United States on 9-11-2001, Putin attacked us & continues to attack us.

This is not Fake News.  President Trump told the crowd at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention “Don’t believe what you hear. What you’re seeing & reading is not really happening.”