US Ambassador Nikki Haley THREATENS United Nations

Nikki Haley is WRONG “Moving American Embassy to Jerusalem is what the American people want.” NO – a small minority of rich donors #altWankers #evangelicals #altRIGHT living their version of Biblical Apocalypse want it moved. Next – reclaim The Temple on the Mount. #FBResist   

UN votes to condemn #Trump’s #Jerusalem decision after US Ambassador #NikkiHaley issued a direct threat “We will think twice about funding the world body if it votes to condemn Trump’s decision. IT DID! #DemForce #FBResist #FBR #RESISTANCE #FlipItBlue

Biblical Apocalypse on horizon. Protests/ violence in Holy Land against . Now they must reclaim Temple on the Mount. THESE ARE THEIR END TIMES.

#trump “Let the #UN vote against us, we’ll save a lot. We don’t care.”
Few countries were cowed, as nation after nation blasted the US condemning the #Jerusalem decision as illegal, destabilizing & a violation of international law leaving Washington isolated. #DemForce #FBResist

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