An environmental disaster roils in the floodwaters filling Houston neighborhoods, schools, businesses. Toxic materials,  hazardous waste, chemicals & pathogens too nasty to name swarm in water too easily going stagnant.

Provisions under way to combat mosquitos in Houston flood zone, however displaced, frightened pets, farm & wild animals, birds, reptiles may pose risks to rescuers. Unless there is immediate danger or medical emergency do not approach. Assess situation & animal’s behavior.  Have crates / carriers prepared with blankets, towels, water, food.

IMPORTANT:  If you rescue or take in a domestic dog, cat, pet
PLEASE document the LOCATION where found. This helps tremendously to reunite pets with their owners.

PET OWNERS: if you should lose your pet in a disaster be suspicious of someone calling claiming they will return your dog  / cat for a REWARD. They do not have your pet. This is a cruel scam preying on your love of animals to steal money from you.