WAVE: Women for American Values & Ethics

WAVE- Women for American Values & Ethics
WAVE- Women for American Values & Ethics

I had the great opportunity to speak with Katie Kalvoda, a founding and organizing member of WAVE – Women for American Values & Ethics – based in the Newport Beach area in Southern California. Representing a dynamic group of over 600 women, WAVE is dedicated to compiling progressive issue-centered candidate information for voters in the CA 39th, 45th, 48th & 49th Congressional districts. All four of these districts are competitive with Dana Rohrabacher’s seat the most hotly contested as witnessed by the Twitter hashtag trend during a rally for his opponent, Harley Rouda, Sunday, July 22, 2018 #FlipThe48th.
Who is your Congressional Representative?

As the 2018 campaign cycle winds down to Nov 6, much effort is being spent both nationally and locally on voter registration. WAVE concentrates on 3 demographics – Democrats, Independents & Millennials. WAVE members and volunteers are actively working with other organizations to get out the vote, particularly on college campuses which has an abysmal record of under 10% of eligible students voting in midterm elections.

WAVE focuses on issues important to all women’s lives no matter their age, locale, politics, education, religion, culture, or socioeconomic status.

Civil Rights
The Environment
Free Press
Health Care

They join numerous other organizations working to elect progressive candidates in the 2018 Midterm Elections who represent their values on these issues and who will stand up to persuasive but contrary political players.

For more information about WAVE and its current positions and candidate endorsements: Wave4All.org

07/22/18 – Dana Rohrabacher

“Rohrabacher told Politico that he could be the congressman listed in an indictment of a 29-year-old guns rights advocate accused of being a Russian spy. Rohrabacher had dinner with Maria Butina in 2015, but said at one other GOP member and other Americans were there as well.” Stay Tuned!


GOP Rep Dana Rohrabacher is compromised by Russia.
GOP Rep Dana Rohrabacher is compromised by Russia.